Not Without Issues…

Posted by on January 20, 2012

Before we ordered our coach Michael did a lot of research and joined the Heartland Owners Forum.  He asked a lot of questions and got a lot of good information.  One of the tips was to do a complete Pre Delivery Inspection (PDI).  Michael compiled a list that was 10 pages long.  We took it with us when we went to Lazy Days to pick up the coach.  We went through some of it with our delivery person and other parts we did on our own.  We found a few things that needed to be corrected (so small that I can’t even remember what they were) and were fixed before we left the delivery lot.   We have had a few issues since we left the lot but most have been fairly easy to deal with/fix.

After we got back to Montgomery we found a few lights that didn’t want to work…which were just loose wires that Michael fixed himself.  In May, we found that the living room air conditioner wasn’t working…and in Alabama…you need your a/c working in May.  At the time the Camping World in Dothan, Alabama was our closest authorized repair place – so we took it there to have it evaluated.  They found that we needed a new unit and would have to order it.  It took about 3 weeks before the parts were in and we could get coach there for the work to be completed.  Thankfully, one of our neighbors had a portable a/c unit that he let us use!  Leaving Camping World, after the repair was completed, we had a bit of a mishap…but that will have to be another post.

We have a keyless entry on the coach which is great…don’t have to worry about carrying keys to the ‘house’ wherever we go…just have to remember the ‘secret code’!  When we first picked up the coach it worked fine.  But shortly afterward it stopped working.  Michael questioned his friends on the forum and called Heartland Customer Service and it was suggested that he try changing the batteries…which he did and it began working again.  Unfortunately, it only worked about a week and stopped working again…again he changed the batteries and it began to work.  It stopped working again and new batteries would no longer help.  Michael put in another call to Heartland and they directed him to the keyless entry manufacturer (Southco) who was great…sending us a new keypad and explaining to Michael what he needed to do when he received it.  When received, Michael performed his task (part of which was removing the door and resetting something – if you want particulars – let me know as Michael will have to explain) which didn’t take very long at all.  We have not had an issue since!

A nice option was a back-up camera.  There’s a camera mounted on the back of the coach with a transmitter in the front storage compartment and a monitor that sits on the dashboard of the truck.  It’s a great help when backing this rather large rig into a tight spot…even though Michael is a super star backer-upper!  Once again the camera worked fine when we did our PDI and even on the way home.  It was when Michael tried to use it the next time that it wouldn’t work properly.  When we were down at Camping World for the a/c he also had them look at the camera as well and they determined that we need a new monitor.  Heartland sent a new monitor and since it was a while before we actually moved the coach we didn’t know if it worked or not.  Finally in October we moved the coach.  When we hooked up the truck and coach it worked!  However, when we started rolling…we’d lose our connection.  It was frustrating to say the least.  A call in to the manufacturer (MITO Corp) had Michael move the camera from its original position to a place with less metal, hoping for better reception.  Unfortunately that didn’t help so we took the coach to the Camping World in Calera, Alabama for another issue (see below) we also mentioned the issue with the back-up camera.  The next thing we knew we were shipped an entire back-up camera set up, not just the monitor.  Michael started easy by just switching out the monitors in the truck.  Thankfully, that seems to have done the trick!  The camera worked all the way to Tampa and back!  We will continue to keep our fingers crossed until we hit the road for a short trip in the beginning of February.

The issue that I referred to in the prior paragraph is with our Yeti package.  The Yeti package is a cold weather option that includes heated blankets on the fresh, gray and black water tanks that are turned on with a switch inside the coach to prevent freezing.  Once again, at the PDI, this worked fine.  But when it got a bit chilly here in November Michael turned it on to see how it would work.  All that happened was that the fuse for the water heater was tripped.  We took it to Camping World (CW) in Calera, Alabama for them to evaluate.  We were there for about 5 days (commuting part of the time, staying in a hotel the rest of the time) while they looked it over and  discussed with Heartland what could be causing the problem.  Unfortunately, we left without the problem being fixed or even knowing what was causing the issue.  We decided that we would take it back to CW 9 days later and leave it for 10 days while we were in NY for our grandson’s birth.  The 9 days gave them time to work with Heartland to come up with what could be causing the problem. They determined the problem was a short in one of the heating pads and that they would need to order the parts.  We are now waiting for the parts to arrive and then we will be heading back up to CW to have the work completed.  We’re hoping to head up there February 9th so that they have all day the 10th and 11th to work on it.

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