Full-Timing – How Do You Do It?

Posted by on January 19, 2012

I’ve had several people as how would could live in a 5th wheel and not kill each other.  Well first off…you really have to like the person you’re living with as it is a rather small place.  Thankfully, after almost 27 years of marriage Michael and I still like each other and actually prefer to spend time with each other over anyone else.

Full-timing is not for everyone.  You do have to give up things…but to us that’s what they are is ‘things’.  We gave a lot of things to our sons.  Things that they could use as they are both young and just starting their families.  Things that were our parents or grand parents that we wanted them to keep for the next generation.  We sold all of our furniture and much of our household items via Craigslist.  We also donated a lot of items to the Maxwell AFB Thrift Store.

We decided that what was important to us was the experience of full-timing, traveling our country together and taking each day as it comes rather than worrying about all the ‘things’ that we could accumulate.

We have not once wished we hadn’t moved into the coach.  Here are just a few of the reasons why:

Household chores have been greatly reduced!  It doesn’t take any time to whip this place into shape.  My biggest chore is dusting – we have a LOT of woodwork but it still doesn’t take long.  Michael doesn’t have to worry about mowing, shoveling, raking etc.  He does have maintenance on the coach to perform but he likes to ‘piddle’ so most of his chores are ones he enjoys.  He’s made several modifications…but that will be in another post!

Packing is a thing of the past.  The first trip we went on with the coach (Elizabethtown, KY) I kept wanting to prepare my packing list.  But there was no need!  Everything we have goes where ever we go!  Before we went on our trip to Tampa last week I had a friend send me a note to let me know that it was supposed to be cold where we would be traveling and that I should pack accordingly.  I wrote her back and told her that since we were taking the coach with us we already had hats, gloves, swimsuits and even the kitchen sink packed!  It’s wonderful – we are never without.

We always get to sleep in our own bed with our own pillows!  The only issue I have is that sometimes when I wake up in the middle of the night and am disoriented it takes me awhile to remember where I am!  I can think of worse things!

We look forward to the days when we can just leave an area if the weather looks bad, we don’t care for our neighbors or we’ve seen and done everything there is in the area and have gotten bored!  Ahhh….that really sounds appealing to us.

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