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Posted by on January 17, 2012

We have been Watch dreaming about purchasing an RV and hitting the road to explore this beautiful country for years!  Our dream is nearing reality as my husband will retire from the military October 1, 2012.  We purchased Nfl our dream RV in March of 2011 and moved into it a month later.

A little bit about us:  We are in our mid 40s, married nearly 27 years with two married grown sons both of which are married and have 1 small child – making us grandparents!  Our wholesale jerseys China sons and their families live in Vancouver, WA & Long Island, NY – opposite sides of the country!  🙁

Michael has been in the Army (in some form or another – active duty, reserves, national guard) for 29 years.  He will retire with 20 years of active duty service October 1 donecac of this year.

Kelly (me) stopped working in September 2009 when we were transferred to Montgomery, AL.  We decided it was Perfect the first step to our move into full-time RVing.

Over the years we have gone to lots of RV shows getting ideas for what we wanted in our dream RV.  We pretty much settled on a Heartland 5th wheel about 5 years ago and just bided our time until it was time to purchase.

The time finally came last year!  We traveled from Montgomery to Tampa, Florida for the RV Super Show to finalize our decision.  We cheap jerseys pretty much spent the entire time in the model we had decided on, taking pictures and getting a feel for whether or not we could actually live in it! 15%  We ordered our coach and drove back at the end of wholesale jerseys March to pick it up.

We had been sorting through our possessions for awhile and had either sold, donated, given to our sons or packed up what we had decided to keep.  So the move from our 1650 sq. ft. apartment into our 300 sq. ft 5th wheel was pretty easy. We did rent a 5×10 storage unit to hold items that we were unsure of what to do with at that point.

April 29th we moved into our new home at the Capitol City RV Park, in Montgomery, Alabama.

We are hoping that you will enjoy traveling this great country of ours with us!

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