Experiments, New Things & a Fun Day

I’ve still been experimenting with my Instant Pot.  Hard-boiled eggs are a favorite.  Six minutes on high pressure results in perfect eggs with no green around the yolk!

One night I got brave and made two dishes.  The first was a whole rotisserie-like chicken and then while that ‘sat’ and rested I made some macaroni and cheese to go with it.

Instant Pot Chicken and Macaroni & Cheese dinner!

Instant Pot Chicken and Macaroni & Cheese dinner!

The rotisserie chicken wasn’t fully thawed when I put it in the pot so it could have been cooked a bit longer.  And had I read the directions correctly I would have known that I needed to turn the chicken over and cook it another 15 minutes.  Geesh!  Oh well…we win some we lose some.

Now the macaroni and cheese….THAT turned out oh-so-good!   And so very easy!  In less than 10 minutes we had home-made, from scratch super creamy macaroni and cheese.


Instant Pot Chops w/leftover macaroni & cheese

Instant Pot Chops w/leftover macaroni & cheese

I also made Honey Maple Pork Chops and they turned out really good…great flavor and perfectly cooked…not too tender.  A definite ‘do again’.

Checking out the issue with Michael's hearing aids

Checking out the issue with Michael’s hearing aids

Michael had another appointment to have his hearing aids adjusted as they were not working right and giving a lot of feed back.  I could actually hear myself talk through his ears even when I was 3 or 4 feet away.  We thought that they’d been fixed the last time we were there but no such luck.

This time the audiologist actually got the same feedback and said, ‘Oh, that’s not good’.  She did some adjustments and the feedback seemed to be omitted so we were on our way but she did say if that didn’t help or it started again to let her know and she’d have to send them in to be adjusted.

We weren’t 10 minutes down the road after leaving the Audiology clinic and the feedback started all over again…just like before.  Dang it!  Michael called the clinic to make arrangements to be able to drop the hearing aids off next week when he has another appointment.

All done! Now just to reinstall the fuel/tool box and hitch!

All done! Now just to reinstall the fuel/tool box and hitch!

The appointment to have the spray in bedliner added to the truck was Wednesday at Ed Kenley Customs in Layton but to save a little chaos we dropped the truck off Tuesday afternoon.  Since Zack is in Korea for a couple of weeks we were able to use his truck while ours was being worked on.

Paityn had a dental appointment on Wednesday afternoon and wasn’t able to drink or eat for 4 hours before the appointment so we picked her up from school about 9:00 so that she didn’t have to watch all of her school friends eat lunch and not be able to.

Nana & Pnut racing to a fire!

Nana & Pnut racing to a fire!

We took her out for breakfast about 9:15 to fill her tummy and to tide her over until after her appointment and then visited the Treehouse Museum again.  We were there a good 2.5+ hours at the museum with Paityn pulling us there…and there….and then over there.  She had a great time taking our order in the little diner, painting a colorful picture, driving the fire engine, riding horses and making a fun, creative art project….among other things.

Busy preparing Nana & Papaw's orders

Busy preparing Nana & Papaw’s orders

After a fun time at the Treehouse we met Kelsea at the dentist’s office.  We ended up staying with Kelsea in the waiting room to give her a little moral support as I think she was more nervous than Paityn.  Pnut was give an oral sedative to relax her for the procedure and when it was over she was a bit loopy but content since they’d given her a freezy pop.

From there Michael and I headed south to Layton to pick up our truck which was ready.  It was a quick stop as the truck was in the parking lot waiting and Michael just need to go inside to pay.

Imagine ALL the walls, outlets, switches, vents looking like this...eww!

Imagine ALL the walls, outlets, switches, vents looking like this…eww!

The new & improved look of Cameron's room

The new & improved look of Cameron’s room

Michael and I parted ways there and he went to Zack and Kelsea’s to switch out some electrical outlets in Cameron’s bedroom.  The old owners had painted the outlets & covers when they painted the walls (ugly, ugly I might add).  Kelsea had been busy and had painted the walls and bought new outlets/covers and was ready for the new outlets/covers to be installed.

While Michael did that I stopped at Walmart and picked up our weekly groceries and then headed over back to Zack & Kelsea’s.  After Michael was finished the five of us tried a new Chinese restaurant in their new ‘home’ neighborhood.

All this PLUS soup and an appetizer for $8.25...not bad!

All this PLUS soup and an appetizer for $8.25…not bad!

Rice King Express turned out to be pretty darn good.  Hot & sour soup was good, egg drop soup was ok, crab rangoon was good, egg rolls…a no go.  But…everyone’s meals were good.  I went with chicken and vegetables (which was very good), Michael, of course, had sweet & sour chicken and was pleased that it was served with veggies, the kids shared beef & broccoli which they gobbled up and Kelsea went with a fancy dish that had scallops, shrimp, beef, chicken and veggies and enjoyed it too.  Don’t let me forget to mention the humongous portions we were each served!  We all had at least 1/2 of our meals left to take home and enjoy another day.  So I think we’d call it a success.  They deliver so while we’re at ZnK’s for 2 weeks before we leave the area we might just have to check out their delivery skills!  😉

When we ordered our coach it came with a central vacuum system, which was great.  It worked great and we had very little problems with it.  But that was 5 1/2 years ago and it just doesn’t quite ‘get it’ anymore.  It’s become a hassle to pull it out of its drawer and then get it all back in place when finished using it.  It also doesn’t seem to have the power that it once had.

There she is! My new vacuum cleaner...she's awesome!

There she is! My new vacuum cleaner…she’s awesome!

With all of that in mind we finally bit the bullet and ordered a vacuum cleaner from Amazon.  After some research on the best vacuum cleaners under $300 (no need to spend more with less than 300 square feet to clean!) I chose the Shark Navigator Lift-Away Deluxe (NV360).  With our Amazon Prime account the vacuum arrived 2 days after I ordered and I used it for the first time the day after it arrived since we weren’t home when it arrived.

All I can tell you is it works awesomely!  I moves so smoothly and the pivot action is perfect for going around curves.  It’s also light-weight and small enough to fit nicely into our bedroom closet.  But the big HUGE plus is how well it cleans!  I didn’t think it was suctioning the greatest until I was finished and went to empty the canister, thinking it wasn’t going to be very full.  Oh my….was I wrong!  I think it picked up every hair I ever lost (and I lose a LOT of hair!) and then some and along with that every stray piece of dust or dirt that ever enter the house!  If you’re in the market for a new vacuum cleaner…keep this one in mind.

Here's June taking her turn doing figure eights at the store!

Here’s June taking her turn doing figure eights at the store!

Michael and I each got Fitbits a while back and have been enjoying being challenged to get our ‘steps’ in each day.  I especially like that it encourages me to get up and walk at least 250 steps each hour.  Since we’ve been pretty slow in the store I’ve taken to walking figure eights through the store to get my steps in each hour.  I do it so often that I have a couple of the other girls jumping on the band wagon too!  LOL  If you’ve got nothing better to do you might as well walk, right??


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Long Post Ahead!

Wow!  I’ve really fallen behind in my blogging!

We are still getting 40 hours each at the campground but that will be reduced, most likely, right after Labor Day.  Reservations won’t be taken after September 4th so things will really quiet down then.  Although we can already see a HUGE difference as school starts the 23rd we have almost no campers in the park during the week.

Our days off are still jam-packed with errands, sight-seeing and time with Zack, Kelsea, Paityn and Cameron.

I'm not sure who's having more fun...

I’m not sure who’s having more fun…

We spent one afternoon with Paityn and Cameron at the Treehouse Museum.  We got them each a membership for Christmas.  They loved it and we plan to go back at least once more before we leave the area.

Finger paint fun!

Finger paint fun!

They built things with giant Tinker Toy-like things, played with trains, puppets, put on dress up costumes, played in a kitchen, planted veggies at the farm, milked a cow, rode horses, did a finger painting project plus lots more.  It’s a great place and we all had a great time.

Firefigher's Nana & Cameron

Firefigher’s Nana & Cameron

They played so hard at the museum that they both konked out pretty quickly once we got back to the car but were raring to go when we met their mom and dad at Pizza Pie for dinner.

Friends of Zack and Kelsea’s from Wisconsin just moved to the area (he’s in the Army too) so we had Erin and the kids join us for pizza since Bob was out of town for work.  We had a nice dinner and it was nice to get to know Erin.

Papaw roasting hot dogs...no black for the babies!

Papaw roasting hot dogs…no black for the babies!

Zack and Kelsea celebrated their 7th wedding anniversary on the 7th of August.  The kids spent that Friday night with us so that Momma and Papa could go out and enjoy themselves.

Bathing beauties

Bathing beauties

We had such a good time!  We played outside almost all day on Friday, roasted hot dogs for dinner, and had s’mores later on for dessert.  Paityn, Cameron and I played in the lake while Papaw walked the beach and picked up trash and left behind items.  The sun had almost set on the beach so it was a bit chilly in the water but we powered through and had fun.  Not surprisingly, both babies were out like a light soon after we put them to bed.

No arguing involved...they did so good!

No arguing involved…they did so good!

When Zack dropped the kids off to spend the night with us he also made time to help Michael get the new tool/fuel box installed in the truck.  It took them about 45 minutes or so to drill holes in the bed of the truck and get the fuel lines set.  Way less expensive than having someone else do it.

Tool box modification. The left hand side was cut down to make way for the hardware on the tonneau cover

Tool box modification. The left hand side was cut down to make way for the hardware on the tonneau cover

He had to have the tool box modified slightly (as he did with the last one) since the Tonneau cover he wants to install would interfere without the modification.

The hitch's temporary home in the back of Fred's pick up!

The hitch’s temporary home in the back of Fred’s pick up!

We have an appointment on Wednesday to have a spray in bedliner put in the bed of the truck.  Michael had a couple of the guys here at the park help him get the 5th wheel hitch out of our truck and it is now in the back of our neighbor Fred’s truck until the bedliner is installed and ready to go.  This way they only had to scooch the 300+ pound hitch from the bed or our truck to the bed of Fred’s truck then they’ll do it all in reverse when the bedliner has been installed.

The Shooting Star...just a little bitty place

The Shooting Star…just a little bitty place

We had lunch at the Shooting Star Saloon one day last week.  Opened in 1879, the establishment is said to the be oldest continuously running saloon in the state of Utah.  The ceiling is covered with dollar bills with names, dates and cute sayings written on them.

Check out all of those bills hanging from the ceiling!

Check out all of those bills hanging from the ceiling!

There are all sorts of doo-dads to check out but the most famous is Buck.  (Darn it if my picture of Buck didn’t turn out!) Buck was a St. Bernard owned by a friend of one of the owners.  The dogs owner, Ernie, loved him so much that when the dog died in 1953 he had Buck stuffed.  However, at 298 pounds Buck wasn’t easy to find a mold for so the taxidermist used a grizzly bear mold so poor Buck looks more like a bear than a dog.  Buck is displayed proudly on the wall over what is affectionately known as the ‘Buck booth’.  Buck even made it to Roadside America!

Good stuff!

Good stuff!

The Shooting Star is ‘famous’ for burgers too!  They’ve been voted best burger several times and since Michael is a burger connoisseur I knew we had to try the place out.  We each ordered a bacon cheeseburger and were happy with our burgers.  They were good but we both still prefer the burgers at Gonzales Burger down in the south Texas valley.

As we finished up our meal Fred and Debbie (fellow camphosts and neighbors) came in.  We had them join us and we visited while they had a burger.

Discussing his back issues with the doctor

Discussing his back issues with the doctor

This past Wednesday Michael had an appointment for an evaluation for his back issues to determine what to do to help manage his pain.  After a pretty thorough screening it was determined to try steroid injections first to see if that helps.  He has an appointment for September 23rd to have the injections done.

That evening we met our Utah Barnett’s in downtown Salt Lake City to watch the Salt Lake City Bees play baseball.  The Bees are a minor league team for the Los Angeles Angels.  We love our baseball and haven’t been to a game since last summer so this was perfect!

Great seats! Up close view of the relief pitchers warming up!

Great seats! Up close view of the relief pitchers warming up!

We had great seats on the 1st base side of the field.  It was $1 hot dog night so everyone enjoyed hot dogs.  Near the beginning of the game Cameron was given a baseball from a kid in front of us that had already been given two.  (Our seats were right behind the relief pitchers bench).

Toward the end of the game Paityn decided she wanted a ball too.  She and I went up one row to the first row and sat very patiently, for 2 innings, and waited for foul balls to be hit down the 1st base line.  I’d figured out that the only way the pitchers could hand out balls was if it was a foul ball…they couldn’t just hand us one of the many balls that they had in the ball bag sitting next to them.

This is how close we were to the relief pitchers bench. The guy second from the left is Paityn's hero.

This is how close we were to the relief pitchers bench. The guy second from the left is Paityn’s hero.

We quietly chanted ‘foul ball’…just loud enough for the pitchers on the bench to hear us.  Nothing loud or rude…just loud enough.  We’d talked with one of the pitchers a bit earlier and hoped he’d come through for us.

When the game ended we still didn’t have a ball…Paityn was pretty disappointed…until…our friend, the pitcher, came through!  He got up to head to the dug out, put the ball he’d been tossing around in the ball bag…but then he bent over, grabbed another ball and walked over to her and handed her the ball.  She was so happy!  He made a friend for life!  Unfortunately, he didn’t pitch at all and had a jacket on over his uniform so we don’t know his name or number.  Boo!




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Five Acres of Shopping, Fish, Rain and a Rainbow

We’d heard about this store on the north side of Ogden that carries pretty much anything you might need from military surplus items to kitchen gadgets, camping supplies, toys, food items, clothing, cowboy boots, tools and all kinds of other stuff in between.

A whole lotta shoppin' can be done here!

A whole lotta shoppin’ can be done here!

The billboards for Smith and Edwards boast that they carry 5 acres worth of merchandise and I wouldn’t doubt it.  We browsed/shopped for a couple of hours and could probably go back again and still not have seen everything.  We picked up several items that we needed or wanted:  a couple of Craftsman tool bags, egg poacher cups, lighted magnifying glass, razor blade knives, fried egg rings, sink strainers, etc.  We may need to go back once before we go…just to make sure there’s nothing else that we ‘need’.

ZnK's new digs

ZnK’s new digs

Zack and Kelsea are getting closing to the time to close on the house that they are selling so they are in pack/move mode.  The owners of the house that they are purchasing have given them access to the garage so that they can store their household goods until they close on the new house…the two closing dates are about 2 weeks apart.  They will live in their 5th wheel at Hill Air Force Base in the interim.

We met Zack at the new house about noon to help him unload a load that he’d brought over from the old house.  I moved a few boxes but allowed the guys to do the heavier lifting…wasn’t that nice of me!?!

We met Zack, Kelsea, Paityn and Cameron at the Ogden Fish House in downtown Ogden for dinner.  They’d been their before and weren’t impressed but were willing to give it a second try.  They have several fish tanks holding tropical fish so Cam and Pnut were happy to watch the fish while we waited for our orders.  The servers wear kilts which was something a bit out of the norm.

While Michael, Kelsea and I all order the cod fish and chips, Zack ordered a burger and Paityn and Cameron split an order of shrimp.  You are able to choose from onion rings, Old English chips, steak fries or sweet potato fries.  Zack and Kelsea went with sweet potato fries, the kids and I had the English chips and Michael got onion rings.  You also get a side of cole slaw with your order.

Michael and I both enjoyed our meals, although I wasn’t a big fan of the fish batter.  Neither Zack or Kelsea cared for their meals and won’t go back.  The kids ate their ‘strimp and chips’ with no problems.

Beef Manhattans

Beef Manhattans

I’ve really been enjoying experimenting with my Instant Pot.  I made roast beef manhattans a few days ago and they turned out great!  I also made poached eggs for breakfast one morning as well as some hard-boiled eggs.

Glorious Cheesecake!

Glorious Cheesecake!

I’ve never made a cheese cake in my life but it seemed so easy in the Instant Pot I decided to give it a whirl and it turned out awesome!  We actually let it set for 2 days so that we could share it with Zack, Kelsea, Paityn and Cameron to celebrate Zack & Kelsea’s 7th wedding anniversary.  It was so easy and turned out so yummy that I will definitely be making more cheese cakes in the IP!

A complete rainbow...but I could get it all in the picture!

A complete rainbow…but I could get it all in the picture!

We FINALLY got some rain after 2 months without!  The campground is so brown I’m leery of campfires sparking a bigger fire.  To top of the ‘no rain’ issue the water pump that runs the sprinkling system here at the campground has been broken for over a month so that really hurts.  It rained on and off almost all day on Sunday and it was very welcome and we were blessed with a beautiful rainbow to boot!

A portion of the beach area that we care for at the campground

A portion of the beach area that we care for at the campground

Last summer our basement TV stopped working….no idea why…it just wouldn’t turn on any longer.  We finally replaced it a few weeks ago and Michael was excited that he was going to be able to listen to the TV while he puttered around outside again.  Ha!  It was not to be…when he went to turn the TV on for the first time the DirecTV box wouldn’t work!  Poor guy.  He used the bedroom box to determine that it was definitely the box that was kaput this time and then called DirecTV to have them set up a time to come out and get things fixed.

We had an appointment for Tuesday between 8:00 and 12:00 and the gentleman showed up at 7:58 am and was gone by about 8:40 am and Michael had a new box AND dish as ours was bent.  He’s a happy camper once again!




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DUP Museum, Brixton’s and Projects

This last weeks ‘day off’ excursion was to the Daughter’s of the Utah Pioneers Museum in Ogden.  The building was commissioned by Brigham Young in 1877 as the only known Relief Society for the LDS Church.

Stunning examples of tatted lace.

Stunning examples of tatted lace.

The building is jam-packed with artifacts of the early pioneers.  Lots of pictures of the original pioneers adorn the walls.  Samples of crochet, tatting, embroidery, etc amazed me with the tiny detailing.  Old hand carts, saddles, chaps, and guns give the ‘old west’ feel.  Musical instruments provided music to listen to or dance along with.

Jam-packed with artifacts!

Jam-packed with artifacts!

The are many examples of different kinds of furniture that was used in homes.  There is a cabinet that was made by Brigham Young while he was teaching his sons the art of carpentry.  Household items such as dishes, pots & pans, lamps, washing machines, cheese boards, etc are on display.  There is so much on display that it would be hard to see it all in one visit…I’m sure that if one were to visit the museum several times they would find something new each time.

A Deseret 'Reader'.

A Deseret ‘Reader’.

One interesting thing we found was that Brigham Young tried to introduce the ‘Deseret Alphabet’ in the late 1800s.  There were 4 ‘readers’ published…however, it didn’t go over well and didn’t last past the late 1800s.

Michael 'Treasure Hunting'

Michael ‘Treasure Hunting’

The museum offers a ‘Treasure Hunt’ of sorts to ‘young people’….but this ‘old person’ took a hand out and found all of the items listed on the sheet!  The seek and find aspect of the Treasure Hunt helped us to see things we may not have otherwise seen.  Fun!

In the basement among the artifacts were two ladies working on a quilt.  We stopped and chatted with them for a while and then gave us some more history and also told us of a couple of places to visit in the area.

Brixton's Baked Potatoes

Brixton’s Baked Potatoes

We stopped for lunch at Brixton’s Baked Potato as I had a gift cert from Restaurant.Com.  They offer baked potatoes with different toppings.  I chose the Pot Roast Potato while Michael went with the Pulled Pork.  The pot roast was topped with gravy and green beans while the pulled pork was topped with BBQ sauce and cole slaw.  Both were good but we both felt like the potato should have been the star of the dish and it wasn’t…plus the potatoes weren’t fresh and that was quite a downer.  Oh well.

The new bedroom look

The new bedroom look

We bought a new comforter for our bed this past spring it replaced the spread that came in the coach, which we liked but was getting worn.  However, the comforter we purchased just didn’t cut it.  It wasn’t ‘tacked’ in places and just always looked crappy.  Eventually we stopped making the bed because it never looked nice.

We broke down and purchased a new quilted coverlet from Kohls last week and I really like it….Michael is not quite so sure.  I love the weight, the color and the design.  I had to ask our daughters in law if the burgundy sheets looked ok with the coverlet colors since Michael didn’t believe me….but now that they say it looks ok…we’re good.  Glad to know my opinion is worth nothing to him…eh??  Pffft

Installing the new landing gear switch

Installing the new landing gear switch

Michael’s been plugging away at projects when he’s able.  He’s finished sanding Zoe’s stool but now needs to router her name on the top.  He ordered a couple of new puck lights for under the kitchen counter and installed them.  The switch for our front landing gear started acting up when we were leaving the oil patch this spring so he ordered a new one and installed it.  Our pin box cover was cracked so he ordered a new one and installed it as well.  He also ordered a new awning cover but hasn’t been able to get it installed as of yet….soon hopefully.  He’ll need a little help with it.

New under cabinet puck light to replace a defective one

New under cabinet puck light to replace a defective one

Had a bit of a freak out a few days ago when I was at the office and felt something crawling on my leg.  I flicked it off and it landed on the floor.  It was a fairly large spider and even ickier looking!  One of the girls came and squashed it and said it was a Cat’s Eye Spider and was lethal.  Eek!  When I got home I googled it to find that the actual name was and it is NOT lethal!  Whew!

Campsite 3 here at Anderson Cove

Campsite 3 here at Anderson Cove

Things are really starting to slow down at the campground.  We’re finding we have more and more time between reservations as it was back to back to back during the height of the season.  This past Sunday we had just 4 campers out of 15 in our loop.  It was WONDERFUL!  Granted we had 10 arrivals on Monday (LOL) but it was great while it lasted!

I work with the reservations report and where the report used to be 17 pages long we are now down to 15 1/2 pages…might not seem like much…but it is!  The end is near!


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Pioneer Day, The End is Near and Trip Planning

This past weekend was supposed to be quite busy due to it being a state holiday here in Utah.  Pioneer Day (July 24th) commemorates when Brigham Young and the first Mormon pioneers settled in the area.  It was busy….but about the same as the 4th of July weekend.  Everyone seemed to have a much better handle on their areas and it wasn’t nearly as chaotic as it was over the 4th…thank goodness!

Besides watching over the ‘A’ Loop (which has 15 sites plus a group site that holds 100 people) and monitoring the boat ramp we also monitor about a quarter of a mile of beach area.  We walk the beach in the evening after the sun goes down and pick up any trash or items left behind.  You wouldn’t imagine the things people leave behind…balls, shoes, fitbits, sand toys, gas cans full of gas, clothing items, sunglasses, keys….it’s crazy!

We checked the Recreation.Gov website to see what the reservations in our loop look like over the next few weeks.  We’re still pretty well booked through mid August but come the week of August 22 when the area schools are back in session it’s pretty much just weekends that are reserved while the middle of the week has no reservations.  We also noticed that after Labor Day weekend our loop is all ‘walk in’….no reservations.  Interesting.

I’ve been doing a little ‘trip planning’ over the last few days.  The plan is to leave this area September 27th.  We’re hoping to be able to leave the park a week or two before that to get some down time and to spend more exclusive time with the Utah Barnett’s before we leave.

Our destination when we leave here will be Glendale, Utah where we’ll attend the Heartland Utah Chapter Rally and visit Bryce Canyon National Park and Zion National Park.   We’ll be in that area for 5 nights.

From there we’ll head over to Vegas where we have reservations at the FamCamp on Nellis Air Force Base. We’ve been to Vegas several times so we won’t be doing a lot of the normal touristy stuff but we do plan to take in a couple of shows along, visit the Red Rocks, a Neon Sign Boneyard and maybe even a Las Vegas buffet.  During the time that we’re there the Heartland National Rally will be going on…but we won’t be attending…but maybe we’ll be able to see some of our friends who will be attending.

After a 6 day stay in the Vegas area we’ll move west to Barstow, California.  Michael visited Ft. Irwin, California’s National Training Center several times during his military career and has always said he wanted to show me the area….so we’re gonna do it!  We’ll visit some places on Ft. Irwin and the graves of Dale Evans and Roy Rogers!  We’ll spend 6 nights in the area.

After our California visit (new sticker for our map!) we’ll start our journey east:  with stops in Wikieup, Arizona and Willcox, Arizona (we were there back in 2013)…both for just a couple of nights.

We’ll spend 3 nights in Alamogordo, New Mexico at the Holloman Air Force Base FamCamp where we’ll visit White Sands National Monument and White Sands Missile Range as well as the town of Cloudcroft. When our time in Alamogordo is up we’ll be moving to Brantley Lake State Park near Carlsbad Caverns for a couple of nights.

That will pretty much be the end of our big ‘hoorah’ as we’ll head to San Antonio with a quick stop in Ft. Stockton, Texas for a few nights.  We’ll stay at the Ft. Sam FamCamp, as usual, for a week, taking care of any doctoring etc before we make ourselves available for gate in the oil patch.

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Instant Pot & A Real Rodeo

Have you heard of the Instant Pot?  I saw some friends on Facebook post about it a while back and did some research and thought it sounded like it would be a nice piece of equipment to add to my kitchen but they’re pretty pricey so I didn’t get one right away.

An Instant Pot is and electric pressure cooker with the ability to also be used as a crock pot, steamer, rice maker, yogurt maker and saute pan…among other things.  I thought that with our limited space in the coach having one item that took the place of several others would be a good thing.

Steak Soup!

Steak Soup!

Last week on Amazon Prime day they were selling the Instant Pot for $69.99 and I decided I couldn’t pass it up!  The pot cam on Thursday and I made our first meal in it on Sunday.  I made Steak Soup…which was originally a crock pot recipe that I converted to be used in the Instant Pot and it turned out wonderfully well!  The meat was super tender yet the egg noodles were perfectly done as well.  Click HERE for the recipe.  I can’t wait to try my next Instant Pot recipe!

Wednesday of this week was a jam-packed day.  Michael had an appointment at the DAV to start a claim for sleep apnea and to request a percentage increase for his back and neck issues.  The appointment went smooth and quickly and we were done by 10:45.

He also had an appointment in Audiology at 1:00 pm so we walked next door and had an early lunch at the Corner Bakery Cafe…kinda similar to a Panera but not nearly as yummy.  We enjoyed our lunch and wasted time surfing the internet and then walked across the parking lot to the clinic, hoping that they’d be able to squeeze him in early…no such luck so we just read until he was called.

Trying hard to understand what was being said during his hearing test

Trying hard to understand what was being said during his hearing test

His appointment went well…hearing hasn’t changed at all.  The Audiologist made some adjustments on his hearing aids and hopefully that will help and he will wear them more.  This new set he was given in February of 2015 just don’t seem to be up to the same quality as the ones he was given while on Active Duty.

“Shaggy” was in dire need of a haircut so we made a quick stop and got that taken care of, as well as a beard trim and he now looks presentable, once again!

Zoe's stool....a work in progress

Zoe’s stool….a work in progress

For each of our grandchildren, Michael has made a wooden stool with their names routered into the top. At that time, we had access to a nice wood shop at Maxwell Air Force Base where he was able to do the work.  Since then most of the wood shops have been closed on the bases and now it’s not so easy to get a stool made.

Our fifth grandchild, Zoe, is due a stool and Papaw is finding it a bit tougher to get the stool made.  Thankfully, Zack has several pieces of equipment that Michael is able to use.  So yesterday we stopped at Zack and Kelsea’s and Michael got the pieces roughly cut out.  Now he just needs to make a few more cuts, sand the pieces, do some routering and then stain and varnish the completed stool.

We visited with Kelsea, Paityn & Cameron for  short while when they came home from school/work.  Zack is still in Wisconsin with the Army but will be home soon.  It’s always so nice to get hugs and kisses from our babies if it’s just for a short while.  Next week we’ll be able to visit longer.

Bucking bronco!

Bucking bronco!

We topped the day off with a trip to the Ogden Rodeo.  We’d been to a rodeo while in Montgomery, Alabama several years ago but it didn’t really measure up to this one.  We both really enjoyed ourselves although it could have been a bit cooler when we arrived as it was 95+ and all seats were directly in the sun.  Thankfully, we keep a couple of umbrellas in the truck and used those to make some shade.

Team roping

Team roping

We had good seating that allowed us a good view of the entire area.  I really enjoyed the bronc riding with and without a saddle and the bull riding.  However, I can’t say that I’m a big fan of steer wrestling or calf roping….it just looks too ‘mean’ to me.  As I’ve gotten older my heart has grown more tender I guess…not that I’m gonna join any animal cruelty organizations.

Calf roping

Calf roping

The last ‘act’ of the night was 4 guys on dirt bikes that did a bunch of stunts on a large jump…no hands, flips, upside down, sideways, inside out, backwards, forwards…you name it.  Once again…not a fan…my heart was racing and I had to cover my eyes several times…just way to scary for my liking!  One guy nearly lost his bike twice while high above the stadium.  Not cool.  Although it sounded like the rest of the crowd really enjoyed their stunts.

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Sleepover, Family Pics, Union Station & State Trailer

Playing so nicely together...in the dirt!

Playing so nicely together…in the dirt!

Last weekend was a busy one for us!  Besides our normal campground duties we had guests…of the 3 and 5 year old persuasion!  Paityn and Cameron stayed with us from Friday evening until Monday evening.  Their Papa was in Wisconsin (and still is) with the Army and their mom had a conference in Salt Lake City for Thirty One.

We had a good time and they were both very good.  We had s’mores, watched movies, grilled hot dogs,  ate ice cream, painted sun catchers and played with sand toys in the dirt!  Although I must confess that by Monday night Nana and Papaw were both exhausted!

The boat ramp parking lot, which we monitor. You can see our coach in the background.

The boat ramp parking lot, which we monitor. You can see our coach in the background.

The campground was much quieter over the weekend than in past weekends.  I’m not sure what happened but it was very welcome.  We’ve had a couple of changes (one couple left and another moved to a different area and a third couple took over the day use/tent area) that may have contributed to the more easy-going pace as the walkie talkies were much more quiet and tensions weren’t sky-high.  Whatever it was…we’ll take it!

We have a Mormon ‘holiday’ coming up next weekend, Pioneer Day, and we understand it’s supposed to be just as busy as the 4th of July weekend so we’ll see how things go then.

Three delicacies...large portions!

Three delicacies…large portions!

Tuesday afternoon we ‘ran away’ from the campground for a few hours and it felt wonderful!  We tried a new Chinese restaurant called Eastern Winds for lunch and decided we prefer it to Wing Wah and will go back.  The prices were good and the portions were very large…plus the fortune cookies were way yummy!  I asked the waitress about them and she came back with a sandwich bag full of broken ones that they didn’t want to serve so she gave them to us!

Eleven Peas in a Pod!

Eleven Peas in a Pod!

While Dan & Amanda were in town a few weeks ago we all got together and had our family pictures taken as it had been 4 years since we’d done it and we’ve gained 3 grandchildren since then.  We got the edited pictures back this week and were very happy with the way they turned out!  So many great shots…of just the grandbabies, individual families and the entire group.  Interestingly enough the name of the photographers business is Greene Peas in a Pod Photography…how coincidental is that??

A view of the day use beach area from the boat ramp parking lot

A view of the day use beach area from the boat ramp parking lot

The weather has been wonderful.  We are considered to be in a ‘high desert’ area so the temperature gets fairly warm during the day (anywhere from mid 80s to low to mid 90s) but then drops down considerably at night, usually into the mid to high 50s.  Our side of the mountain is consistently 7-10 degrees cooler than the Ogden side of the mountain and we LOVE it!

Last week on our day off we decided to visit Ogden’s Union Station.  Built in 1924 Union Station was the hub of train activity in the Ogden area but is now the home to 4 small museums:  John M Browning Fire Arms Museum, Utah Cowboy & Western Heritage Museum, Browning-Kimball Classic Car Museum and the Utah State Railroad Museum.  Admission is $5 per adult which includes all four museums but with our military IDs we were given free admission…awesome!

Michael checking out one of the displays in the western museum

Michael checking out one of the displays in the western museum

The Cowboy/Western museum was our first stop and probably the smallest of the museums and would have been more appropriately named the ‘Pioneer Days Museum’ as it contained more information and memorabilia from people associated with the Pioneer Days celebration.  Nonetheless it was interesting.

One of the volunteers explaining about the safe and the golden spike replica within it

One of the volunteers explaining about the safe and the golden spike replica within it

Next we went through the railroad museum, which was the largest and most interesting of the museums. We learned more on the history of how the railroad was built out west, about the ‘meeting’ of the east and west railroads and had an awesome volunteer that gave us lots of information about Union Station when it was the center of activity.  She showed us that the original baggage scale was still in place and working.  She explained to us that their once were 8 sets of tracks (now just 2) at the station and that to get to the furthest tracks a person had to go down into an underground tunnel.

Mr. Oblivious...had no clue he was being stalked

Mr. Oblivious…had no clue he was being stalked

The fire arms museum wasn’t my kind of thing…just a bunch of guns hung up on display.  I walked around and did a little reading and then waited for Michael to finish checking the place out.  While I waited for him I kinda stalked him, hiding behind cases, taking pictures and wondering if he’d ever feel like he was being followed….he didn’t…he was completely oblivious!

The classic car museum and in the foreground a volunteer puppy dog

The classic car museum and in the foreground a volunteer puppy dog

The classic car museum was very small with just 12 or 13 cars but they were all so pretty.  We took a little time checking each vehicle out and even spent some time chatting with the volunteer and his dog before heading out.

The entrance to the Union Grill

The entrance to the Union Grill

We had lunch in the middle of our museum visits at the Union Grill which is also inside of Union Station but only for a few more weeks as they will be moving to a new, bigger location.  We enjoyed a bowl of french onion soup and split a sandwich as we had plans to meet Kelsea and the kids for dinner later in the day.

Michael had seen an RV place several times as we drove through Ogden and decided that today was the day to stop and check it out.  State Trailer is basically an RV parts store and they are pretty well stocked with most anything you might want or need.

We roamed around quite a bit and I thought Michael would come out with a ton of stuff but he didn’t!  The only thing he ended up with was an interior frame for the window in our door…and that was something that I found.

Carlos' Produce Stand

Carlos’ Produce Stand

Next door to the RV place was a produce market that we stopped at and picked up several produce items as well as some cheese curds.  The curds were ‘squeaky’ fresh and quite tasty.

Since our door stays open so much while we’re in Texas gate guarding ours had originally been white but the sun turned it yellow.  Unfortunately, after getting it home and preparing to install it he found that the holes for the screws were in the wrong place and it wouldn’t work so we’ll have to return it.  However, that gave him the gumption to go ahead and spray paint the old one, white, and now it looks good as new!

When our new bedroom air conditioner was installed back on March 14th Michael reminded the installers that the dip switches needed to be set properly to make the heat pump work.  He assumed they set them correctly.  Since we don’t use the heat pumps very often it wasn’t until we were headed north that we had cause to use them and found that the heat pump wasn’t working.  Not a big deal as setting the dip switches isn’t hard it was just a matter of taking the time to do get up on the roof and check the settings on the living room ac and setting the dip switches on the bedroom ac to match.  Michael finally got that task accomplished this week and we are now good to go for when the cold weather arrives.



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Fourth of July, Appreciation, Lightening Up & Breakast!

Fourth of July weekend was upon us before we knew it!  The campground is full every weekend usually by Thursday evening/early Friday morning.  This weekend we were filled by Wednesday evening and pretty much as soon as a site was vacated, we filled it again with a new camper.

We have roughly 42 reservable campsites and then another 42 that are first come first serve.  Then, of course, there are 5 large group sites that hold up to 100 people.  The reservable sites are all pretty much reserved through the summer and can be reserved 6 months in advance.  The first come first serve sites are the biggest issue with people calling or coming in constantly hoping a site is available.  It doesn’t seem to matter if we have the ‘Campground Full’ sign out or not…people seem to think that we can just magically make a site appear for them.  It can become quite frustrating.  Most people are understanding when you tell them that we don’t have any sites available, others….not so much.

GOOD stuff!

GOOD stuff!

Apparently I helped a camper in some way, of which I’m not sure but she appreciated it enough to bring me a muffin in thanks.  I’m just glad that I was able to something to make her stay a good one!

How cute are these??

How cute are these??

Michael, too, was appreciated by an elderly gentleman that he helped.  The gentleman makes small wooden cars for children and sends them to Mexico.  Michael accepted the gift but gave the man a donation to help purchase more materials.

If we could just get some of the camphosts here to relax and not take their minimum wage job quite so seriously life would be so much nicer!  Our lives are surrounded by drama it seems.

One couple is not able to work together….at all.  She does pretty much all of the work while he insists on having weekends off and not working past 5 pm.  Well if you’ve ever camped….you’re smart enough to know that working at a campground with those stipulations just isn’t living in reality.  They’ve had arguments in front of customers.  She quit two Saturday’s ago and he quit this Saturday…but of course, they’re both still here.  Time to grow up.

We will continue to hang in as long as we can…preferably all summer but you never know what will happen.

The view from the front of the restaurant

The view from the front of the restaurant

This week on our day off we went out for breakfast!  A rarity, for sure.  We decided to try The Oaks which is just 4 1/2 miles from the campground.  The restaurant is nestled along the side of the road in the Ogden Canyon and sits on the bank of the Ogden River.  They have an outdoor seating area and it is absolutely beautiful!  The tables are surrounded by trees and gardens while the sound of the running river and the singing birds is very relaxing.

The view from our table...gorgeous!

The view from our table…gorgeous!

On top of the gorgeous setting the food was very good and plentiful!  Our server was very friendly and helpful too!  We’ll definitely be going back to try their lunch/dinner menu.  They also have Farr ice cream which we’re hearing is very good so we might just have to make an ice cream run!

We spent some time in the afternoon chatting with our new neighbors/fellow camphosts, Fred & Debbie and their granddaughter, Shayla.  We really hit it off and are enjoying each others company.

We headed over the mountain mid-afternoon to drive by the house that Zack and Kelsea are buying, do some grocery shopping, pick up a few things at Lowes and then dinner with Zack, Kelsea, Paityn and Cameron.

We went to Crown Burger, which is kind of like a Culver’s but better, I think.  Zack had a gyro, Kelsea a burger, Michael chicken strips, P and C shared a burger and I had a french dip sandwich.  My french dip was very good as were the onion rings.  They’re a bit pricier than some places but I’d go back.

Now that the 4th of July weekend is over hopefully this weekend will be a little less chaotic…it will still be busy….every weekend is…but just a little less drama and stress would be great!




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Family Time!

We’re still here!  Just been so busy that blogging has taken a back burner.

Cleaning out those fire pits...but the view helps!

Cleaning out those fire pits…but the view helps!

We’ve been putting in pretty close to 40 hours each here at the campground…Michael doing the majority of the work in our loop and with the boat ramp parking lot and me mostly working in the store and helping Michael a little here and there.

Our day off (Wednesday) is pretty much a whirlwind of trying to run errands, visit with the kids/grandkids, catch a movie, pick up groceries, go out for dinner etc.  We’re usually gone from early morning until late evening and are exhausted from our day ‘off’!

What a beautiful drive!

What a beautiful drive!

A couple of Wednesday’s ago we decided to take a drive up the mountain to our east, north to Randolph, Bear Lake and Garden City and then heading west to Logan & Brigham City and then south to Clearfield to pick up Paityn and Cameron from ‘school’.

June 15th and still some snow on top of the mountain!

June 15th and still some snow on top of the mountain!

The drive was gorgeous with the scenery changing from mountainous to hilly to urban and back again.  We stopped and drove through each of the campgrounds that are in our area and run by American Land and Leisure as well.  There are about 7 of them and sit along a little creek…but they’re quite remote and not nearly as large as the campground we’re working at.

Michael making friends

Michael making friends

We had a special request from Kelsea to stop at the Randolph Country Store to pick up some cheese curds…something we normally only find in Wisconsin.  We honored her request and got some for her and for us too.  There were a couple of horses in the pasture next to the store so we stopped and visited with them for a short while too!

Bear Lake

Bear Lake

The drive took us along Bear Lake, which is a big tourist area and easy to tell why as it is a gorgeous setting with the blue lake and the mountains off in the distance.

Hometown Drive-In, Garden City, UT

Hometown Drive-In, Garden City, UT

We stopped in Garden City, another little touristy town, for lunch.  We stopped at Hometown Drive-in, one of several drive-ins in this little tiny town.  We each stepped a bit out of our comfort zone and ordered the Mama Burger, a single burger with cheese, mayo, lettuce, onion, tomato and topped with a slab of pastrami.  Michael didn’t care for the pastrami at all and after one bit removed it.  I didn’t’ think it was too bad and only removed it when I was down to my last few bites.

Gorgeous views and a river down below us

Gorgeous views and a river down below us

We enjoyed our lunch outdoors on the patio and even shared our fries with a couple of resident sea gulls.  Don’t know if we’d go back or just try one of the many other drive-ins in town if we were in the area again.

They ever changing scenery really made the drive interesting

They ever-changing scenery really made the drive interesting

After lunch we just made our way back to civilization, stopping quickly at Walmart in Roy to pick up a few things and then on to pick up Paityn and Cameron from school so their mom could work a little late.  Since we were in town the five of us went over to Noodles for dinner.  Zack was at a conference in Korea so he wasn’t able to join us.

Thorough exam for Michael's back issues

Thorough exam for Michael’s back issues

Michael had an appointment at the SLC VA and we were both very impressed with the quality of care.  He saw a PA and he did a really thorough exam of his back and since there was a lack of reflex in his left Achilles he ordered x-rays and an MRI.  Once they get the results they’ll decide how to proceed.

Just chillin'

Just chillin’

Tuesday the 21st Dan, Amanda, Alex, Ben & Zoe flew into Salt Lake City from Wisconsin to visit for a week. They stayed with Zack and Kelsea that evening and then on Wednesday Zack pulled their 5th wheel up here to the campground and parked it next to us so that we’d all be able to spend Thursday – Sunday together.

Everyone helped us with our campground duties...even almost 3 year old, Ben!

Everyone helped us with our campground duties…even almost 3-year-old, Ben!

It was so nice to have the entire family here!  We shared all of our meals together, shared cooking/clean up duties, shared parental duties, played games and sat by the fire.  The kids/grandkids all went down and played in the water one afternoon.  Zack and Dan both gave Michael a hand with his campground duties.  Zack brought me breakfast at the store two mornings (I had to be to work at 7am).  Dan, Amanda and the kids visited me a couple of time in the store while I was working.  It was awesome!

Sleepover at Nana & Papaw's house!

Sleepover at Nana & Papaw’s house!

Sunday was Dan and Amanda’s 6th wedding anniversary so they went to visit the Homestead Crater where they soaked in the mineral water and then spent the night at the resort.  While they were gone Alex, Ben and Zoe spent the day/night with Nana and Papaw and were absolutely wonderful for us.  Not one problem at all.

Cameron was happy just playing with his trucks in the dirt!

Cameron was happy just playing with his trucks in the dirt!

On a side note…while we were all here at the campground 8 people (Zack, Kelsea, Paityn, Cameron, Dan, Amanda, Alex & Zoe) slept in ZnK’s 5th wheel while just 3 of us (Michael, me & Ben) slept at our house.  Each day we’d ask Ben where he wanted to sleep and his reply was always ‘Nana & Papaw’s house’….makes my heart go pitter patter.

Dan, Alex, Ben & Michael checking out a bobsled

Dan, Alex, Ben & Michael checking out a bobsled

On our day off while Dan & Amanda were here we took at drive down to the US Olympic Park in Park City where part of the 2002 winter games were played out.  There is a small museum-like area/visitor center to walk through as well as activities like ziplining, alpine slide, summer bobsled, obstacle course, etc that you can participate in for a fee.  However, just to visit the park, museum or watch the athletes train it’s free.

Here you can see one of the athletes as he's completed his stunt and is preparing to go into the water

Here you can see one of the athletes as he’s completed his stunt and is preparing to go into the water

Freestyle skiers are able to train during the summer with the use of a large swimming pool.  They go down the ski run, launch themselves into the air, do whatever trick they do and then land in the pool.  We took quite a bit of time watch several different skiers perform their stunts.  It was quite hot so watching them land in that refreshing water was quite a tease!

Cheesesteak with cheez whiz...good stuff!

Cheesesteak with cheez whiz…good stuff!

Dan is a cheese steak aficionado so we hunted down a place in Salt Lake City called DP Cheesesteaks and stopped their for lunch.  They have quite a few different cheesesteak offerings and each of us were happy with our orders.

Five sweet babies waiting for their dinner

Five sweet babies waiting for their dinner

That evening all 11 of us went into Huntsville for dinner.  We’d been impressed with the Huntsville BBQ restaurant and told the kids.  They, too, were happy with their meals so we will continue to recommend the place.

Five sweet babies on a swing

Five sweet babies on a swing

Our last full day with everyone here we got together and had family pictures taken.  The last time we had pictures done was in August of 2012 when there was just 8 of us…we’ve grown by 3 more grandbabies since then so we decided while we were all together to get it taken care of.  We’re supposed to have the edited pictures/files back in a couple of weeks….can’t wait to see how they turned out!

Enchiladas, rice and beans

Enchiladas, rice and beans

Before we had pictures taken Michael and I drove over to Eden and had dinner at Carlos & Harley’s a Mexican place and were, once again, happy with our orders.  It’s not perfect but for being Utah and a little itty bitty town and only about 8 miles or so from home…we’ll take it!

Taco salad with shredded beef

Taco salad with shredded beef

Yesterday being our day off we did our normal errands, went out for lunch and then took in a movie at the Cine Pointe 6 Theater.  We saw Eddie the Eagle and both loved the movie.  It’s a true story about a British ski jumper who participated in the 1988 Winter games…the first Brit since 1929!  It’s just now coming out on Red Box…rent it!

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I Hate Water!

Tuesday 6/7

Gettin' down and dirty playing with water....again!

Gettin’ down and dirty playing with water….again!

Darned if we don’t have another stupid water leak.  We noticed that there was water beneath the coach in the area of the kitchen sink and Michael thought it might have been a leak in one of the gray water tanks or possibly something to do with the area where Go RV had done some work earlier this year.

It turns out that a pipe going to the gray water tank sheered off right at the reducer that goes into the tank. He’s been working with Heartland to get a new reducer and a bushing ordered but since they’ve never had to order the reducer from the manufacturer before they’re predicting it could take a month to get the parts to us.  Thankfully, Michael was able to make a temporary fix so that we can use our kitchen sink in the mean time.

How nasty is that??  And that's just a SMALL portion of the gunk he pulled out of the tank!

How nasty is that?? And that’s just a SMALL portion of the gunk he pulled out of the tank!

While he was under the coach working on the leak he also found that we had an obstruction that was keeping all the water from emptying out of the kitchen sink gray water tank…leaving a bunch of grime, dirt, junk  in the tank leaving an icky smell.  We’d occasionally get a whiff of a sewer-like smell but couldn’t figure out where it was coming from….now we know!  Michael ended up emptying four huge buckets of nasty, smelly water/gunk out of the tank/

Wednesday 6/8

Kelsea & Michael waiting for our orders at Burger Bar

Kelsea & Michael waiting for our orders at Burger Bar

Day off!  We planned to go see a movie but the schedule changed but the one we planned on seeing was no longer showing.  But that turned out to be a good thing as we made plans to pick Kelsea up for lunch and went over to the Burger Bar (an Roy, Utah institution).

We each had burgers & fries while Michael and I also shared an order of onion rings.  Everything was very good and the orders were absolutely huge.  They have a special ‘fry’ sauce that they serve with each order and is pretty darn tasty.  I’d definitely go back.

After lunch we went with Kelsea to look at a house that they were interested in purchasing.  The home had tons of opportunities and would have been great for them…unfortunately there were a ton of offers (along with theirs) and the sellers chose a different couple.  The search continues!

Before heading home we stopped and had long over due pedicures done.  They did a nice job, especially the guy that did mine…awesome leg/foot massage!  We’ll go back.

Thursday 6/9

One of the huge benefits of workamping in this area is that we’re able to attend the grandbabies events! Paityn has been taking dance lessons through the daycare/preschool that she and Cameron attend.

Pnut is second from the left showing good form!

Pnut is second from the left showing good form!

Thursday night she had her dance recital and we were so proud to be able to watch!  She did a fantastic job knowing the moves before several of the other girls.  Besides doing a great job…she looked so beautiful…she’s growing up way too fast.

After the recital we met at Pizza Pie to enjoy dinner together.  It’s the kids favorite place and I really like their salad bar!

Friday 6/10

So far we’re enjoying our ‘job’ although some of the other workampers we work with are so crabby!  I have been snipped at by 3 different people already (for trying to help them).  Michael and I look at this as a ‘fun’ job but others take it so seriously…too seriously.  It’s like they think they’re running Stalag 13  and they’re Nazi’s.  Geesh.  They just need to lighten up some.  There has already been 2 couple leave (1 that we replaced) and there is talk of others thinking of leaving.  Part of the reason for the departures have been due to the attitude of other workampers as well as the amount of work that is needed to be done.  I guess we’ll just have to see how things go.

Saturday 6/11

Our first grandbaby graduation...a success!

Our first grandbaby graduation…a success!

We were able to leave the part for a few hours this afternoon as we had a preschool graduation to attend! Our oldest grandchild, Paityn, completed her time in preschool and will be moving onto kindergarten in the fall.  It was an honor to be able to see our sweet girl get her ‘certificate’.

Unfortunately, Paityn’s Papa wasn’t able to attend as he flew to Seoul, South Korea for a week long planning conference that morning.  Kelsea videotaped everything for him and I tried to take as many pictures as possible.

It rained a good portion of the day, quite hard while we were on our way to the graduation.  With the rain we had quite a few campers that left early or didn’t even come in for their reservation.

The boat ramp/parking lot  that is usually busy as heck on the weekend was nearly dead when we got home about 3:00 pm and stayed that way the remainder of the day.

Sunday 6/12

Michael had a very busy day as nearly all of sites in our loop vacated which means lots of fire pits to clean, table to wipe down, garbage to pick up, etc.

I like to try to help Michael on Sunday’s at least somewhat but since we’re short handed in the store I’m getting about 30 hours a week just in the store itself which makes it rough for me to be of much help to Michael.

Pricing items in the store and stocking the shelves...was a bit reminiscent of my Walmart days!

Pricing items in the store and stocking the shelves…was a bit reminiscent of my Walmart days!

I’m doing well with my work in the store and on the register, not having much trouble balancing my drawer, completing daily or weekly reports or preparing a weekly deposit of my in take.  However, some people really have issues…sitting in the office for hours (5 to 8 hours!) with the area manager trying to figure out where they made mistakes and how to rectify them…wowza!

Monday 6/13

I got snipped at by one of the workampers first thing in the morning (7:05 am) and this was the second time…in front of a customer…and it was time to nip that crap in the bud.  I waited until the customer was gone and we were alone and I told her in no uncertain terms that I wasn’t going to put up with being talked to that way, especially in front of a customer.  I don’t speak to her (or anyone that way) and don’t appreciate her talking to me like that.  I told her that we all need to work as a team and that everyone else I worked worth works together to help the customers.

She listened and apologized…however I was not ready to accept her apology at that point and told her so…I told her that it would take me some time to cool down.

We still have 4.5 hours left to work together but we made it…with her continuing to apologize several times throughout our shift.  So….we’ll see how things go…are her apologies indeed sincere or will she go back to snippy ways??  Stay tuned!

Grilled Copper River Cod, teriyaki noodles and steamed broccoli...yummy!

Grilled Copper River Cod, teriyaki noodles and steamed broccoli…yummy!

I tried another new recipe for dinner – Grilled Copper River Cod.  The fish was marinated in soy sauce, lemon, brown sugar and garlic and was darned good.  However, next time I don’t think I’d marinate the fish…I’d just brush it on as the fish cooked as the marinade seemed to break the fish down a bit.

Tuesday 6/14

Ahhh….our week is over!  Tomorrow is our day off and Michael has a monumental scenic drive planned! Be prepared to read about it soon!

View from the front door as I went to work this morning at 6:30 am...the cloudy/fog was just so cool looking.

View from the front door as I went to work this morning at 6:30 am…the cloudy/fog was just so cool looking.

We are the back ups for the camphosts in the tent area and Tuesday is their day off…so Michael included their loop when he did his rounds throughout the day.  Thankfully, nothing eventful happened other than having to ready a site that had been vacated.

Site 82...a tent site...probably one of the prettiest sites in the park...if not THE prettiest.

Site 82…a tent site…probably one of the prettiest sites in the park…if not THE prettiest.

Tried another new recipe for potato salad…this one is called Best Potato Salad Ever.  I’m not sure it’s the best ever but it’s pretty tasty and not your average potato salad as it has corn on the cob (cut off the cob), peas, and bacon (among other things in it).  Kind of a nice change for the norm.  It was a great accompaniment to our yummy grilled ribeyes (still from the meat market in Carrizo Springs!)



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