It’s All Fun & Games…Until a Drone Gets Stuck in Your Hair

May 23 – 29

Our oldest grandbaby is now a 1st grader!

Wednesday (the 24th) was a fairly busy day.  We started off with all of us going over to West Haven Elementary School for Paityn’s Kindergarten program.  The program was a culmination of songs the kids learned throughout their year in Kindergarten.  It was very cute and Paityn did a great job.  Thursday will be a ‘field day’ for her and then Friday is a very short day and then she’ll be done with school and we’ll have a 1st grader!

Delicious Bento Box

After the program Kelsea went back to work and Michael and I went with Zack to run errands.  We ended up grabbing some lunch at Sushi Ya…which was quite yummy and hit the spot.  Zack got his usual sushi while I got a beef bento box and Michael ordered teriyaki salmon.

Kelsea flew to Wisconsin on Thursday so that she could attend her nieces high school graduation so Michael and I accompanied her to the airport and then continued on to the VA Hospital as Michael had two appointments.

The first appointment was a Pulmonary Function Test (PFT) which pretty much put him through the ringer.  When he was finished there we went directly to his next appointment with the allergy doctor. We’d been told that he normally runs way behind (by his nurse)…but when we arrived we were taken right back and the doctor actually had to wait on Michael to finish filling out a very extensive questionnaire.

He’s been around the block a few times, me thinks

The doctor had to be pretty darn close to being eighty years old but was very thorough and also a bit on the odd side.  He confirmed Michael’s has asthma and put him on a couple of new medications and if we were going to be staying in the area he said he’d have been on him ‘like a blanket’ to start allergy shots.  As it stands, I think we’ll be holding off on the allergy shots until we’re going to be staying put in one area for quite some time as the allergy shot regimen doesn’t mix well with our mobile lifestyle.

Thursday also happened to be our 32nd wedding anniversary so we ended the day with dinner with Zack and the kids.  We had reservations at Maddox Ranch House in Brigham City.  Michael and I had been there last summer and enjoyed it.  We’d gone in the middle of the afternoon so it was pretty quiet.

Our anniversary dinner attendees

However, this time the combination of dinner hour, lots of graduation parties and Memorial Day weekend made the place really busy for a Thursday night.  Even with our 6:30 pm reservation we weren’t seated until almost 6:55 pm.  Michael and I ordered steaks (filet for Michael, ribeye for me) and we were both happy with them.  We both also had the cream of chicken soup, which was very good.  Zack ordered chicken fried steak and wasn’t very pleased…it was a very thick cut and the breaded wasn’t what he was used to.

HUGE servings o

The manager on duty went out of his way to make our dining experience special as we all got dessert on the house…which we took home to enjoy.  Zack wasn’t impressed with the place and says he wouldn’t go back.  Michael and I still enjoyed ourselves and would go back again.

Paityn LOVES art projects

Friday was Paityn’s last day of Kindergarten so we picked her and Cameron up from daycare about 12:30 and headed to the Treehouse Children’s Museum.   We spent FOUR hours at the museum.  Making craft projects, playing dress up, putting Papaw in jail, and spending lots of time relaxing in a Mongolian round tent.  They really enjoy themselves when we go there.

Cameron was NOT about to let Papaw out of jail.

On the way home we stopped at McDonald’s for some dinner.  When they were done with their meals they played in the Play Place for quite a while as there were 5 or 6 other kids there and they all played tag.

Back home we all got in our jammies and snuggled in to watch The Fox & the Hound II…it had been a long day and we were all pooped.  The kids hit the hay after the movie and Nana and Papaw weren’t too far behind.


Zack did some girls softball umping on Friday and Saturday, so on Saturday afternoon the rest of us headed over to the park to watch him do his thing.  We packed some snacks for the park and had fun watching Papa be an umpire.

The game ended up being shortened as one team scored 10 runs by the 3rd inning and the other team scored zilch.  We ended up being at the park for barely an hour.  Zack had a break at that point so we all went home so that he could relax for an hour or so before having to be back at the park for a couple more games.

At Bat: Ramon Flores

On Sunday, since we’re a family of baseball lovers… we took in a Salt Lake City Bees game.  The Bees are the AAA  minor league team for the Los Angeles Angels.  Zack had found us some half priced tickets and we ended up in row two just past 1st base…great seats!

Zack took the kids on a train ride (it runs beyond the outfield) and we watched the kids roll down the big hill too.  Paityn learned how to read the score board and had fun keeping track of the score. Unfortunately, the Bees lost to the Tacoma Rainiers 7-9.  It’s all good though…we had a good time and that’s what’s really important.

A family planting affair!

Monday, Memorial Day, Kelsea flew back into Salt Lake City and Zack picked her up.  When they got home they got to work getting their garden planted…and the whole family helped…even the dogs thought that they needed to supervise!

Sleepy Mikey

While they worked…Michael and I relaxed.  Michael took a nap and I sat on the deck reading my Kindle while enjoying the gorgeous weather.

Almost done!

For dinner Zack smoked some delicious ribs and grilled hasselback potatoes while Kelsea made ‘cooler’ corn on the cob.  Everything was excellent!

I lost 2 big chunks of hair….

We rounded out the day by sitting round the fire, roasting marshmallows and eating s’mores.  We were also treated to the antics of Zack and his itty bitty drone.  We laughed our heads off when he kept trying to land it on Michael’s head….however, it wasn’t a laughing matter when he got the thing stuck in my hair!  Punk.



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When Momma & Papa Are Away…

May 18 – 21

Zack and Kelsea flew to Oklahoma for a Family Readiness Conference this weekend while the rest of us kept the home fires burning.

Kelsea is the Family Readiness Group Leader for Zack’s unit and he is her liaison.  Michael and I had the same responsibilities at a couple of his units…it’s rewarding but can be a lot of work.  These weekends are choke full of training but also serve as a nice little getaway as they’re always in a nice hotel with great meals and sometimes, if you’re lucky, you might get a chance to do a little sight-seeing.

Kids in a candy store!

Papaw and I picked Paityn and Cameron up from school on Thursday and headed north to Smith and Edwards…one of our favorite places in the area…they have a little of everything.  We strolled the aisles, finding this and that to add to our cart and then ended our trip in the ‘candy aisle’.

After checking out we headed over to Pizza Pie Cafe (the kids favorite!) for dinner.  We filled up on salad, pizza, pasta and dessert pizza before we made one last stop at Walmart for a couple of items and then finally home where we settled in for the night.

Our girl in red

Saturday was soccer day so the four of us were in the car and on the road about 9:30  to make it to the soccer field by 10:00.  Paityn’s team practices from 10:00 to 10:30 and then starts playing at 10:30, with 4 5 minute quarters.

With just 3 girls on a team during the game they sure get their exercise and we were lucky enough to watch Paityn make a goal this week.  It was the last game until the fall and Paityn was happy about that…I’m thinking she’s looking forward to sleeping in on Saturdays.

Picnic time

When we got home we packed a picnic lunch and walked (the kids rod their bikes) over to a park just around the block.  The kids ate and then played on the playground equipment or rode their bikes while Nana and Papaw enjoyed some relaxation.

The gorgeous view on the way to the zoo!

Sunday was another busy day as we hit the road about 9:00 am for the nearly hour drive to the Hogle Zoo in Salt Lake City.  It rained a bit on the way there (I’d checked the weather earlier and it showed a little rain early in the morning) and sprinkled as we arrived so we thought we’d be ok.  But…for roughly the first 1.5 hours we were there it was pretty cruddy and even rained fairly hard at one time.  We tried to visit the animals inside the buildings (not many of those though) or at least stay under shelter while viewing the outdoor animals.

Checking out the lions and trying to stay dry and warm

Fortunately, it eventually stopped raining and we enjoyed a picnic lunch at an outdoor table and then continued on to visit the outdoor animals.  The Harbor Seal was a big favorite as were the giraffes, rhinos and elephants.

Happy Paityn, not so happy Cam

The kids wanted to ride the carousel so Papaw got them tickets and they decided they wanted to ride on the wolf (Paityn) and the elephant (Cam) but since we were in a long line we weren’t sure if the animals they wanted would still be available by the time it was their turn to get on.

Thankfully, Paityn’s wolf was still available but it didn’t matter if Cam’s elephant was or not…he decided he was NOT getting on.  After some not so subtle encouragement from Papaw they got on and got seated on a bench where Cam got a big bear hug from Papaw to help him stay still.  He was not happy.

One of my favorites from the day

However…Paityn loved the ride and loved going up (and being taller than Nana) and coming back down. When it was time to get off the ride Papaw now had to subtly encourage Cameron to get off the ride…as now he didn’t want to get off!

We had a good time but weren’t impressed with the $60 that it cost the four of us to be admitted.  It’s a nice zoo but not particularly large.  It’s probably a bit larger than the Vilas Zoo in Madison, Wisconsin, which is free, but really not worth what we paid to get in.  Oh well…we had fun and that’s what we were after.

It’s was a quite drive…

Leaving the zoo, Papaw decided he wanted to go for a drive…a drive that took us east over Mt. Aire, north to I-84 and then west back through the Weber Pass (that’s what I’m calling it anyway!) and back into Ogden.

Gorgeous scenery!

A pretty drive to be sure…but quite a way out of the way.  Although it did give Cameron and chance to nap for almost two hours…which was much needed.  Paityn even slept for about an hour.

Chuck-A-Rama.  Sounds like some dated restaurant from the 60s, where you talk into a clown head to place your order.  Yeah…the name doesn’t give you good vibes…but we decided to give it a whirl and were very happy we did.

Clean and updated buffet area

Chuck-A-Rama is a home-style cooking buffet and we were kind of expecting something like a Golden Corral or Ryan’s but find it to have a much nicer decor and a really nice setting for the buffets.  There were about 8 or 10 entrée offerings:  hand carved roast beef, roast turkey and ham, beef stroganoff, turkey and stuffing, baked chicken, fried chicken, bbq chicken legs and fish.  Then there was mac & cheese (yum!), baked potatoes, funeral potatoes and mashed potatoes.  Pizza, french fries, spaghetti and veggies are just a few of the other offerings.  And I haven’t even mentioned the salad bar, various salads (broccoli salad, cole slaw, potato salad, jello, fruit, etc), the soup, home made rolls or the DESERTS.

A nice end to a good day.

Cost was a bit steep (but if you can really shovel it in…it might really be worth it for you) at $14.99 for an adult and children paying by age…our 4 year old was $3.40…not bad in my opinion.  We’d definitely recommend this local Utah establishment and wouldn’t mind going again (and again) ourselves.

We got home about 7:30 and were all pretty tired but Mama & Papa were due to land in Salt Lake City about 7:45 and would be home by 9:00 so the kids got things put away, got their jammies on and settled in on the couch to watch a little TV until their parents got home.

Nana & Papaw were happy to seem Mama & Papa come in the door cuz then a lot of our responsibilities went out the door.  Love our babies and grandbabies (and even grandpups) but we’re not used to so much responsibility at one time!  We were pooped!  LOL



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Allergies, Roly Poly’s & Mary Lou Retton

May 15 – 18

Monday was fairly quiet for us.  The UT Barnett’s had to go back to work/school and we hung out at home doing some computer work (blogging for self & Heartland, banking, going over documentation for our new position as Chapter Leaders, etc).

Tuesday was a pretty full day as Michael had a couple of appointments at the VA Hospital down in Salt Lake City.  We dropped Zack off at work so that we had a vehicle to get us to Michael’s appointments.  We had to stop at the lab for blood work first and then we headed to the clinic where his primary provider has her office.  We were a bit early for his 10:30 am appointment so we just settled in and read/surfed the internet until he was called.

Once called back for the appointment he was in the back for 55 minutes.  He really likes this provider as she’s very thorough.  He found out that all of the labs that she’d wanted had been done so he had to go back to have more blood drawn.

85 scratches…lets see how this turns out

He had a 12:00 pm appointment to have an allergy skin test done and we ended up being a little late getting there after having to go back to the lab.  The nurse that did the scratch test was super friendly and very informative.  Michael was tested for a total of 85 allergens (grasses, trees, weeds, molds, nuts, foods, etc) and ended up being allergic to ALL grasses, trees and weeds, most grains, some nuts and quite a few foods.  Oddly, he wasn’t allergic to any molds, fish or seafood.

He had a RAST test done about 20 years ago so we knew about many of the allergies but new to us was:  tomatoes, white potatoes, watermelon, celery, carrots, corn and oranges.  He’s not nearly as allergic to the foods as he is the trees, weeds and grasses…but they’ll still irritate him.  He’ll just have to eat those things in moderation or try to avoid if possible.

They worked so nicely together….until Mike threw a light and hit Zack in the eye with it!

That evening, after dinner, Michael and Zack worked on installing an air compressor on Zack’s truck.  Zack had already installed air bags (to help with towing of his Road Warrior toy hauler) but finally received the air compressor yesterday so it was time to complete the job.

While they worked, Kelsea and I relaxed on the front porch and watched Paityn and Cameron play in the front yard…finding food for the Roly Poly’s they’d found!  Ewww…

We got a little bit of snow here yesterday…thankfully nothing that stuck!  However, the mountains have a nice new layer of white stuff.  It’s beautiful from this vantage point…but it can stay up there.

Monkey on a rope!?!?

Thursday Papaw and Nana took Paityn (Cam joined us!) to her gymnastics class and were impressed by how well she does as a 6-year-old.  She can do a nearly perfect round-off…I couldn’t do one when I was 16! Perhaps we have the next Mary Lou Retton in our midst!

We were home early enough for the kids to watch ‘Alvin and the Chipmunks’ while the adults played a game of Cribbage, which Kelsea walked all over the rest of us at!





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New Heartland South Texas Chapter Leaders

May 11 – 14

Thursday morning we were off and running.  Paityn asked that I take her to kindergarten so we all (everyone except for Kelsea) drove Pnut to kindergarten then dropped Cameron off at daycare.  Then Zack, Michael and I headed to Zack’s reserve unit as he had a small project to complete.  Then it was off to the grocery store for few items, Harbor Freight for something and then back home.

Back home, Michael and Zack started working on adding some built in shelves to family room and I piddled around prepping dinner, folding some clothes and working on my laptop.

Kelsea’s been pretty busy at work this week so I offered to pick up the babies from school so she didn’t have to on her way home.  They were surprised to see me and I got to enjoy some big hugs when they saw me…LOVE!

That evening Zack and Michael went to help (watch for Michael) Zack’s friend butcher a cow.  I made Amish Haystacks (grandbaby requested) for dinner.  Zack and Michael didn’t get home til nearly 9:00 pm so Kelsea, the babies and I ate alone and the guys ate when they got home.

The babies woke me up Friday morning to ask if they could stay home with me instead of going to daycare.  Of course!

Paityn had a field trip for kindergarten, to visit the Treehouse Museum and Papa went with as a chaperone.  We took the kids there a couple of times last summer and they’ve requested that we take them again this visit.  Cam stayed home with Nana and Papaw.

Friday evening we drove over to Wing Wah in Ogden for dinner.  We’ve all been there before and it’s one of the better Chinese places we’ve found in the area.  Good Chinese food is hard to find in Utah.  We all have a hard time getting over the fact that the only kind of fried rice they serve here is ‘ham fried rice’…no chicken, beef, pork…just ham.

She’s a go-getter! Our Pnut is in the red.

Saturday morning Paityn had a soccer game so we all dressed warm, piled into Kelsea’s car and headed over to the soccer field.  If the sun hadn’t kept hiding behind the clouds and wind would have gone away it might not have been so bad…but otherwise it was pretty chilly at times.

Later that morning Kelsea, the kids and I headed to a local nursery to pick up some flowers and a couple of vegetable plants for Kelsea to plant.  We also stopped at the grocery store to pick up a couple of items for dinner.

While we were gone Michael and Zack worked on getting the sprinkler system up and running and even added to it so as to incorporate the garden.

Perusing the vegetable plants

Zack smoked a brisket for dinner and we had the traditional mac & cheese, creamed corn and baked beans to go with it.   Yum.

Zack made breakfast for everyone Sunday morning.  I received flowers from Dan and Amanda for Mother’s Day and then Kelsea, Paityn and I went and got our toes pampered…a gift from Zack and Kelsea!

Speed Demons!

In the afternoon, Michael, Kelsea, Paityn, Cameron and I walked over to the elementary school so that the kids could ride their bikes in the big parking lot.  Then we went next door to a small park and the kids played for a short while.  A beautiful day to be outside.

One last thing…as of May 1st Michael and I are the South Texas Chapter Leaders for the Heartland Owners Club.  The previous leaders decided it was time to retire.  Michael had been interested in becoming a chapter leader for a while but I wasn’t so sure.

It’s official!

Our friend, Jay, had broached the subject a couple of times in the past and I guess he broke me down enough to agree…and now that I’ve agreed…I’m pretty darn excited!  We’re looking forward to rallying with our south Texas (and everyone/anyone else that wants to join us) family!



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Flight From WI To UT

Wednesday, May 10th

We arrived at the airport about 1:45 pm to find out we were delayed until 4:55 pm.  We checked in and went through security with no problems.  We made our way to the gate and noticed that the arrival and departure board still showed the flight as on time and none of the passengers knew that the flight was delayed.

After settling in we at our Jimmy Johns lunch and waited and watched.  Our flight time changed from 4:55 to 4:38 to 4:59 and finally 5:18.

The plane! The plane! It finally arrived!

We thought the delay was weather related as there were supposed to be some pretty good storms coming our way but it wasn’t.  Apparently the plane mechanical issues in Denver and they tried to fix it, it took too long and then they finally decided to switch out the plane.

When we finally boarded we settled in and ended up having a empty seat in between us so we could spread out a little bit.  The flight was fairly smooth with just a little bit of turbulence but nothing to worry about.

Mikey staying occupied during the flight.

We arrived in Denver with 29 minutes to take off of our next flight.  Unfortunately, we ended up having to wait on the tarmac as there was another airplane at the gate we were to pull into.  By the time we got off the plane, our connecting airplane should have closed the doors.  But we prayed that they were waiting and we ran like crazy (or walked really fast) to find the door still open.  We quickly found our seats in row eight and waited about 10 minutes or so while other late passengers made their way to the plane.

Learning to breathe again after our mad dash

This flight was just 55 minutes long and went nice and smoothly too.  Before we knew it, it was time to put away our tablet and Kindle and get ready for landing.

We were in row two on this flight so we were off the plane in no time and making our way to the baggage claim area.  We hadn’t heard from Zack or Kelsea for quite a while so we figured we’d give them a call while we waited for our luggage.

Happy Nana. Happy Grandbabies.

Little did we know that the little sneaks were waiting for us at baggage claim!  We found out quick when a little four year old boy came flying at me with arms wide open at break neck speed!  Now that’s what I call a ‘welcome’!  Paityn was a bit shy at first…but didn’t last long.

Cameron chattered all the way home…Paityn too…for a little while until she passed out.  We were home shortly before 10:00 pm (MST).  We visited for a little bit and then I read Cameron a book (Paityn was over tired and had a bit of a melt down) and not long after Michael and I headed for bed too.

We are here in Utah until May 31.


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A Quick Trip to Amish Country

There goes our baby!Monday morning we were up at 5:00 am and over at the customer lounge just a few minutes after 6:00 am.  Doug & Mira and Bill & Zeta were already there chatting while waiting for someone to come and check them in.  

Darrell came in about 6:30 am and pulled Michael and Bill aside first as they wanted to get us checked in ASAP so that they could get our coaches moved into the bays and ready for Lippert to do their thing.

When we were checked in we waited for Eric and Dorothy and then we all drove over to Middlebury to have breakfast at Rise ‘n Roll.  Eric and Dorothy had a cinnamon roll and a pecan roll, respectively.  Michael had an Early Bird’s Favorite (Our Homemade Breakfast Muffin, made with Scrambled Eggs, Bacon, and Cheese.)  While I had a Chore Boy’s Joy with sausage gravy (A slice of Sausage Roll, swirled with Sausage, Bacon, Egg, and Cheese).   Everything was delicious…as usual and not one of us walked away hungry!

A normal sight at E&S

We parted ways after breakfast…Eric & Dorothy going back to Heartland while Michael and drove a couple of miles into Shipshewana to visit E&S Bulk Store.  Michael was on a mission to find Boston Baked Beans and French Burnt Peanuts…both of which he found.  We also found a couple of items that we picked up because they were either on sale or on close out and we weren’t sure they’d be there when we got back in 4 weeks or so.

Some of my favorite items from E&S!

As we strolled the aisles I took pictures of the things (sort of making a grocery list) that I know I’ll want to pick up when we’re back in the area…I can’t wait!  Since we have no food in the fridge or freezer I’ll be able to ‘fill ‘er up’!


Marie, John, Michael and myself

By the time we were done at E&S it was time for us to head back to Elkhart as we had a lunch date with my ‘blogging bosses’ from Heartland.  We met at the Chubby Trout and had a really nice visit.  We’d never met in person and have only communicated via email, Facebook or a conference call last October…so it was REALLY nice to get to know them in person.

Before we knew it was time for us to part as as they both had to get back to work and I had a 3:00 pm appointment to meet with Jim F. at Heartland to touch base on a follow up article I’ll be writing about the ‘new’ service center.  I met with him nearly two years ago when the new facility had just been opened and he was gracious enough to agree to meet with me again.
After finishing up with Jim, Michael and I immediately hit the road back to Wisconsin.  We left just about 4:00 pm and arrived at Dan and Amanda’s about 8:15 pm.   Just over a 5 hour drive with the time change. We had a blessedly smooth drive and even passed through the Chicago area around rush hour with no issues.  We’re pretty sure we finally found a decent route around that area!
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Moving Day: Monona, WI To Elkhart, IN

If I had my 2 other handsome guys my day would have been complete!

Since Alex spent the night with us last night, we met Dan and Ben at The Parkway Family Restaurant for breakfast and so that we could make the child exchange.  We met at 8:30 am to allow us plenty of time to enjoy breakfast and visit before we needed to get back to the campground and hitch up.  We had dinner at this same restaurant about a week ago and decided to try it for breakfast.  It wasn’t bad but I really enjoyed spending time with four of my most favorite guys ever.

Once back at the campground we hitched up the coach to the truck and made our way to the dump station.  We made quick work of it but still weren’t on the road until 10:45 am.  That was partly due to stopping to fuel up and another stop at Walmart to pick up some DEF for the truck on our way back to the campground.

About 20 minutes after setting out for today’s journey we saw a really nice Landmark 365 headed north on I39.  Shortly after the siting my phone notified me that I had a message.  It was from our Heartland friends, Kim and Dottie!  They were in the 365 headed toward Lake Delton!  So much fun seeing our extended family out on the road.

Our drive went pretty smooth.  I think we finally found a decent route around Chicago that doesn’t take us way out of the way and isn’t full of construction.

We drove about 265 miles today and with the three brief potty stops we made we still made the trip in just over five hours…not bad.

However, we did get hit pretty good with tolls – pretty close to $25.00.  However, unlike the majority of the time we pay these tolls and the roads are awful…today the roads were pretty darn good.

Side by side with Eric and Dorothy!

We arrived at Heartland about 4:00 pm (although it was 5:00 pm eastern) to find that our friends Eric and Dorothy were already nestled into their spot and a site was reserved for us right next to them.  Eric guided Michael as he backed into our site and then we got out to enjoy some hugs from Eric…and Dorothy who came out to greet us, as well.

After some chatting we finished getting settled in and then once we were settled in we went next door to chat for a short while before Michael and I headed into town to get some dinner.

My Cobb salad…delicious!

We ended up at Perkins as I was craving a salad and I knew I could get one there.  Michael ordered a turkey dinner which had to be remade as the first was barely lukewarm.  We both enjoyed our meals and then ordered pie to take home – cherry for Michael and banana for me.

Michael’s Turkey dinner

We got home shortly after 7:00 pm (8:00 est) and decided to go watch TV in bed…unfortunately the menu wouldn’t come up on the TV so we didn’t watch any TV after all…we just did some Facebook surfing on our phones and called it a night.

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For Sale

May 3 – May 6

So pretty

Wednesday dawned sunny and bright…finally!  Michael was finally able to get back outside and do some more work on caulking the coach.  He’d only been able to work on it one day and then the rain started and lasted for nearly a week!

We noticed some straw on the ground below our pin box and were pretty sure we knew what that meant as we’d had it happen once before in south Texas.  For some reason birds seem to enjoy making nests in the pin box…and this was the case.  Michael found a sweet little nest with 4 Robin’s eggs in it.  He gently removed it and found it a safe new location.

Unfortunately, several hours later we noticed that a creature of some sort must have gotten to the eggs as they were on the ground in pieces.  🙁

Amanda had a garage sale Thursday – Saturday which had gathered some items to sell as well.  Wednesday evening we went over and helped get everything set up and ready for business Friday morning.


Both Thursday and Friday mornings we were at Dan and Amanda’s shortly after 7:00 to help with the garage sale.   While I helped with the sale Michael went back to the coach and finished getting things packed up and moved into the storage unit.

There were 4 of us with items in the sale.  Business was really good on Thursday and while still decent on Friday tapered off.  It will be interesting to hear how things go on Saturday (today).

Ben spent the night with us Thursday night while Alex stayed with us Friday night.  Gotta get those last few nights with Nana and Papaw in!

Today we will be traveling to Elkhart, Indiana to drop the coach off for repairs.  We’ll be overnighting at Heartland until Monday morning when we’ll turn the coach over.  We have about 260 miles to travel today and are looking forward to meeting friends who will also be having work done on their coach.

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Alex Time

April 28 – May 2

Friday it was Alex’s turn to come and stay with Nana and Papaw.  We ate dinner with Alex’s family, trying a new place – Parkway Family Restaurant – and it wasn’t bad.  A diner type of place.  Portions were large and the food was good.  The salad bar was really inviting.  It seemed that most diners got the fish fry so it must be pretty good but none of us got fish this week.

Three Peas in a Pod (bed)??

Back at home Alex requested watermelon for breakfast and watched a couple of episodes of ‘Bubble Guppies’ before we retired for the night.  He started out on the couch but after just a few minutes decided he’d rather sleep with Nana and Papaw.  We spent the night like ‘Three Peas in a Pod’ and when we got up in the morning Alex had his watermelon…four bowls of it!

Me and Sue..friends since freshman year of high school

Saturday afternoon we met a friend of mine from high school for ‘lupper’ in DeForest.  Sue has a seasonal trailer that she opened for the first time this year this weekend and Deforest was a midway point between us.  We chose the ‘Pinecone Restaurant‘ as it had good reviews and fairly wide variety of offerings.

We had a nice visit, enjoyed our meals and eyed up their bakery counter which was extensive but before long it was time to go our separate ways.  Hopefully, next summer we’ll be able to get together and spend a little more time together.

Non-Fried Fried Ice Cream!

We spent that evening with Dan and Amanda…played a game of Cranium (Girl Power for the win!) and I made some Faux Fried Ice Cream.  Our friend, Stella, made the tasty dish for us a few summers ago when we were camping together at Ft. McCoy.  It’s tasty, easy and really reminds you of eating Mexican Fried Ice Cream!

Not using the shower so we filled it up with boxes!

Sunday was pretty much spent finishing up getting things packed up so that the kitchen slide, pantry, off-door slide, underneath the bed and the bedroom closet are empty in preparation for work to be done on the coach while it’s at the Heartland factory.

It was gloomy, rainy and windy all day (as it had been for several days before) so it worked out well to get things done inside. When we weren’t packing we watched the 2nd installment of the Lord of the Rings movies.  We have the trilogy and plan to finally get it watched so that we can put it up for sale at Amanda’s garage sale the end of this week.

We don’t see them much and the pretty much stay to themselves.

The sun FINALLY came out Monday morning and what a welcome sight it was!   However, it didn’t stay out.  We had a bit of a respite that morning, giving us a chance to get a couple of things that we’d been wanting to do in the basement.  But…then in the afternoon it started raining again and rained most of the afternoon and evening.  The rain is getting a bit old now…it’s been raining for pretty close to a week.

We have several homeless men that rent sites and put up small tents right behind the bathroom and I’m sure they were happy to see the sun as well.  They had to be getting water-logged.

I’ve been battling a bit of a cold for the past 5 days or so…cough and congestion.  But mostly a dumb cough…that produces nothing and starts with a bit of a tickle.  Since it’s not a productive cough I see no reason for it and it’s time to be gone.  It’s annoying enough that it’s now given me a bit of a sore throat too!  Ugh!  And if that wasn’t enough…now Michael is coughing too!

Our two units…side by side

Tuesday was storage room move in day.  Yippee! Not.  What a lot of work.  It’s hard to believe how much crap is contained in one bedroom closet, the three drawers under the bed, the island, the pantry, the cabinet above our theater seats and the kitchen/entertainment center slides!

Because we are renting a trailer to haul the stuff to Elkhart (where the coach will be) when we come back from Utah we got a free months rent on a storage unit and because there was a goof up on the 5×10 we were originally given we ended up with 2-5×5 units which worked out just fine.  We could probably have stuffed it all into one 5×5 unit but it would have been filled to the brim.

We got it all (with the exception of a couple of boxes) moved into the 2 units in three trips but boy were we pooped by the time the last few items went in.  Our colds kicked in and we just had little energy left.  But…we got it done!

Not huge…but a decent amount of offerings

We took a break for lunch after the second load at World Buffet which is just down the road from the campground.  It was a place we’d never been to and it turned out to be fairly good.  I usually judge a Chinese place by there Hot & Sour Soup and theirs passed the test…2 cups worth.  Tasted so good on a gloomy, cold day and soothed my throat.  I’d go there again.


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Ben Time

April 24 – 28

Papaw’s is blocking Zoe’s beautiful face!

Monday Amanda and the babies came by with Jimmy Johns for lunch and it was nice enough that we were able to enjoy lunch outside on the picnic table.  Michael was a happy boy as he’s been ‘Jonesing’ for Jimmy Johns since before we arrived in Wisconsin!

After lunch Amanda and I and the kids piled into the car and drove over to the Madison Arboreteum.  What a cool place.  The kids loved running from tree to tree, seeing all of the different blooms on the various trees and climbing those that they could reach.

The magnolia’s and crab apples were blooming but almost done…last week would have probably been the height.  The lilac’s were just starting to bloom and they smelled SO good!  We even came across a lone turkey (thank goodness I wasn’t wearing red!)…but as we got closer it turned and went in the opposite direction (thank goodness!).

Look, Nana, No hands!

We walked through quite a bit of the area…but there was even more that we didn’t see…guess that will be for another time.  We did see Birch trees, several different Maples, Japanese Willows and a bunch of others I can’t remember.  I could see that at different times of the year the whole area would look different with different trees blooming, leaves budding or changing color.

Master Caulker?

While the girls and the babies played Michael worked at home.  It was time to redo the caulking on the outside of the coach and he wanted to get a big jump on it before the predicted rain on Wednesday.  Caulking is something Michael pretty much on a yearly basis.  The sun and weather do a number on the caulk and he likes to make sure that everything has a good seal to prevent any moisture from getting into the coach.

He recently purchased a Milwaukee cordless caulk gun and he’s had quite the time getting used to it.  It doesn’t work the same as a regular old manual caulk gun, that’s for sure.  The learning curve is pretty big so it seems like he might be caulking until December sometime!  (Just a note…he had a bit of an explosion on one of the tubes because too much pressure built up…but wouldn’t allow me to take a picture so I’ll just ‘tell’ you about it instead! – Boy, am I lucky he loves me, eh??)

Good stuff, right there!

In honor of National Pigs in a Blanket Day , I utilized my air fryer and made some for dinner.   I was surprised at how well they turned out since I was kinda winging it and guessing at time and temp.  I’d make them again, for sure!  Click HERE for the recipe.

I recently joined a group on Facebook, Wisconsin RV Camping, and posted a picture of our site here at Lake Farm Campground and a young man commented that he was thinking of camping there for a few days.  We chatted back and forth a bit on the group page and made plans to chat at the campground if/when he arrived.

Jackson and Andrew came to visit!

Andrew stopped by Monday evening while we were sitting outside and we had a nice visit with he and his dog.  He’s 28 and really enjoys camping.  He has a A-line popup that he purchased last year and really enjoys camping in it as much as he can. This was the first time we’d actually met anyone we’d met online and it turned out to be a nice visit.

They played SO good together!

Tuesday we picked each of the boys up from school at the allotted times and then when we had them both in our grips we went to McDonald’s for lunch.  Of course, this was their request because it has a play area.

The both ate their entire meal and then went and played in the play area.  They both know the rules (have to eat the lunch first before they can play or open their happy meal toy).  They have good time running around, climbing through the equipment, peeking out at us and sliding down the slide.

The last time we were there with Alex his friend, Henry, was there and this time his classmate Olivia was there.  Both time the kids were there before us and left shortly after we got there…although it was still fun for Alex to see his friends.

Wednesday morning it rained for most of the morning…which was great because we had nowhere to go and we didn’t have to worry about opening and closing a gate.  We were able to sit inside and enjoy the sound of the rain on the roof.

What a mess!

We also started sorting through ‘stuff’.  Since we have to remove a good portion of the items in the coach for when it’s worked on we decided it was a really good time to purge.  On top of that…Amanda is having a garage sale the first weekend in May so it’s an opportunity to get a little ‘treasure for our trash’.  Then, of course, there’s always the ‘For Sale’ table at the Heartland rally.  We’ll be light as a ghost before we know it!

Thursday we celebrated our 6th anniversary as full-timer RVers!  It’s hard to believe that it’s been that long as we still LOVE our full-time lifestyle and wouldn’t change it for anything.  We recently contemplated purchasing a new coach but neither of us have found a floor plan that compares to what we have now.  Not that we want it to look like what we currently have but we want it to have the same ‘We Absolutely LOVE it’ factor as this did when we purchased it.  So for now we’ll stay with what we have, get necessary repairs done and love it as we have for the past six years.

Being such a big boy!

To help celebrate our six years, our 3-year-old grandson, Ben, came and spent the day and night with us.  We enjoy having the grandbabies with us and it is really nice when we can have them one at a time and get some extra special alone time with them.  Ben helped us pack and then helped us carry a bunch of garbage to the dumpster.  We had tacos for dinner and he had two helpings of taco meat and completely cleaned his plate.  We even watched a couple of his favorite shows (Mickey & Bubble Guppies).

Ben’s big brother, Alex, will come spend time with us over the weekend when he doesn’t have to go to school.


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