The Time Has Come…

Unfortunately, I am, once again, WAY behind in blogging.  We are just so busy with PTB that blogging has become a chore and after much contemplation I have decided to stop.

After 7+ years and many miles traveled…I want to thank all of you for your kindness over the years.  It has been so wonderful to be somewhere and have one of you stop me and say ‘I read your blog’!  I had no idea I had so many followers and meeting you all in person has been the cherry on top.

I started blogging to keep our sons and their families informed of our adventures and we have been blessed to add so many of your to our ever growing family.

I am hoping to keep people abreast of our travels via posts on Facebook every now and again.  If you are not one of my Facebook friends but would like to continue to follow us (and say ‘hey’ when we’re in your area) please friend me on Facebook – Kelly Evans Barnett.

Safe Travels…

PS….my sons, their wives and Michael are all learning this right along with you….didn’t want them to try and talk me out of it again.  🙂





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Passport America Rally

Saturday 5/25

Made it…safe and sound

We arrived safe and sound at the Elkhart County Fairgrounds just before noon.  We got backed into site 182 (same site we were in last summer) and then visited with some of the neighbors for a short while before heading back to our place to continue setting up.

Happy 34th to us!

It happened to be our 34th wedding anniversary so went out to dinner at Heinnie’s Back Barn in Elkhart.  They do a real nice steak, plus their salad and soup is always really good…and BIG portions.  We both ordered the filet and shrimp with soup and salad.  Very good.

Beletti’s, Jess’, Yocum/Hancock’s and 1/2 of the Wolbeck’s

Just as we were finishing our meal, a group of our Heartland friends (Jim & Nancy, Jared & Rhonda, Kevin and Dave & Julie) so we visited with them for a short while before heading home.

Sunday 5/26

Set up and ready to go!

We were able to register as vendors and set up our booth in the vendor hall.  We had expected it to be a much larger rally and were surprised to find out that there were only about 100 rigs registered.  Sadly, it was also pretty unorganized…no prior information, no communication at all beforehand.

Monday 5/27

This is how dead it was all week

Our vendor booth hours were 10-3 on Monday and it was a long day/week.  Tuesday and Wednesday were 9-3 and that extra hour was painful.  All of the vendors were disappointed in the lack of customers…very few sales and/or browsing even.

Thursday hours were 9-1 but several of the vendors packed up and left on Wednesday.  We didn’t open up.  Michael just went in and packed up while I stayed home and worked.  Thankfully, our business doesn’t souly rely on rallies as many of the other vendors do.

In our overnight spot

We had an appointment to have Independent Suspension (IS) put on our trailer on Tuesday 5/28.  So Monday afternoon Michael hitched the trailer up and took it over to Morryde (about 10 miles away)…backing into one of their ‘sites’ where we’d spend the night.

Dinner crew

After he was back from dropping off the coach we hung out in the vendor hall until dinner was served at 5:15 pm.  We sat with several of the other vendors and enjoyed the meal of pulled pork sandwiches, cole slaw, baked beans and muffins.  The Passport America group cooks all of their own meals…and it wasn’t bad.

Michael was scared…I had to calm his fears

We left shortly after dinner to head ‘home’ to Morryde and made a stop at Walmart to pick up a couple of items and ended up herded to their back room due to a tornado warning.  Sadly, the Walmart crew really had no clue what they were doing and need to do some ‘drills’ and educate their associates and the who, what, where, how of tornado safety.  We ended up back there for about 30 minutes before we got the all clear and could leave.

Tuesday 5/28

Snuggled in…

We were up at 5:30 to move the trailer inside one of the bays.  We met Sergio, our tech, and discussed what we wanted done.  Besides having the IS put on, Michael also had a couple of ‘tray’s put in the basement for easier access to the contents.

Welcome! We know 6 of the 10 listed!

Our neighbors on the door side just happened to be Trey and Susan, friends we’ve known since 2013 when they were doing the RV weighing.  We chatted with them and Gary (Morryde rep) for a bit before heading out for the day.

Four eggs Eggs Benedict

We stopped at Granma’s for breakfast.  Their uniqueness is that if you order 2 eggs, you get 4 eggs…order 1, you get 2…etc.  Plus the food is good and reasonably priced.

The rally folks had an Amish Tour from 9-3 so it was DEADer than dead.  Thankfully, I had regular work to do and Michael received quite a few phone calls.  Otherwise we visited with the other vendors…many of whom we already knew and have become friends.

Dinner this evening was brisket, potatoes, broccoli and chocolate bundt cake.  We, once again, dined with our friends – Gary & Linda, Geoff & Johana and Jim.  It’s a good crowd and we really enjoy getting to know them all better.

Back home about 7:00 pm we visited with Susan for a while before settling in for the night.

Wednesday 5/29

The morning view outside our window

Up at 5:00.  We hung out in the Morryde lounge until 8:30 or so before heading over to the fairgrounds for another dull day at the Passport America rally.

Personalized seminar!

Michael had his seminar and had ONE person show up…however, that one person is very interested and told Michael that he ‘would be contacting us soon’.

We left the fairgrounds about 3:30 to head back over to Morryde to pick up the coach as it was ready.  After chatting with a couple of Heartland owners who had arrived to have work done on their trailers we paid our bill and hitched up the trailer to head back to the fairgrounds.

Bah humbug…another night at Morryde

Unfortunately, when we did our pull test, Michael found that our trailer brakes (still electric…disc next month) weren’t working.  Gary was just leaving for the day and after consulting with him we opted to stay put for another night so that Sergio could take a look in the morning.  (Bah humbug…that means another morning of 5:00 am wake up.)

The Passport rally was feeding pizza to everyone but rather than drive back over there we went to a pizza place just around the corner from Morryde.

Colombo’s had a lot of good reviews.  We ordered a simple 14 inch pizza with ground beef, ham and extra cheese.  We should have omitted the extra cheese as it was too much (can’t believe I’m saying that!) where it overpowered everything else.  However, the pizza was still good.

We were back ‘home’ at Morryde shortly after 6:00 pm and actually in bed by 6:30 pm.  We tried watching a ‘Ma & Pa Kettle’ movie but didn’t make it…Michael was out before 7:00 and I turned the light out just before 7:30 pm.  We slept until 5:00 am when the shift ‘buzzer’ went off…it felt good to get so much sleep!

Thursday 5/30

Up at 5:00 am again and Sergio got right to work.  Only thing that needed to be done was to adjust the brakes a little more.  They’re self-adjusting brakes and as we drove the 8 or 10 miles back to the fairgrounds they worked themselves out even more so that by the time we arrived they were working as they should.

We’re baaaccck!

We made it back to the fairground just before 7:00 am.  We snuck in stealthily that our neighbors were surprised to see that we were back when they got up at 7:30!  We were relaxing in our recliners with breakfast by 8:30.

While I stayed home to work, Michael went over to the rally hall to pack things up and take them over to where our product is stored for the time being.

Mid-afternoon, our friends Dan and Karen stopped by to visit.  We showed them around the new digs and had a LOT to catch up on during our couple hour visit.

Chillin’ before bedtime

Our youngest son, Dan arrived about 6:15 pm.  He’d driven from Wisconsin for a meeting Friday morning.  We went to dinner at the Lux Cafe sometime after 7:00pm and enjoyed spending time with our baby.

Friday 5/31

Michael and Dan headed to Middlebury for their 10:00 am meeting.  I stayed home to work and do a little home maintenance.  While they were out they also stopped at Tredit to pick up a tire order.

When they got back home we all headed back out…but in separate vehicles as Dan was going to leave to head straight back to Wisconsin.  We had lunch at Memories of China and found that it wasn’t too bad at all.  I’m sure that Michael and I will be back over the summer.

Went through most of the kits…just have a few more to get ready!

Michael and I planned to inventory the product that we’ve received here at the fairgrounds (about 8 pallets total) so that we had a jump on things and didn’t have to worry about it once the pre-rally starts.  As we were heading out the door to go do the inventory, we were invited to have a burger with our neighbors on the off-door side, Geoff and Johanna.  They had also invited Gary & Linda and Hannah over.

We enjoyed the burger as well as the conversation, but before long we had to get our hiney’s in gear and get to work.  We spent about an hour and a half organizing and inventorying.  We didn’t get it all done (56+ 63 pound boxes was more than we could do in one day!) but got a very good start and will finish up early this next week.







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Holland, MI….Definitely Worth a Visit!

Tuesday we, once again, hit the road…155 mile journey to Holland, Michigan, which is located on the western side of the state near Lake Michigan.

This was purely for pleasure, no rally involved.  We’d heard a lot of good things about the area that we decided to visit between rallies.

I cropped out all the junk lying around.

We arrived in Holland at Drew’s Country Campground about 2:30 pm after a safe trip. However, I wouldn’t say smooth by any means…roads are horrible!

The campground is privately owned and pretty dated.  The office is scary.  There were lots of low-lying limbs to dodge, lots of old junk cars and trailers lying about and we didn’t know until we parked that we only had 30 amp and water.  All for just under $40 a night…yikes.  Thankfully, we can make anywhere home and we were only staying for 4 nights.

Our Heartland friends, Jim & Claudia, live in Holland and invited us over for dinner the evening that we arrived.  We’ve not had much of a chance to spend any significant time with them so this was a real treat.

Jim grilled some delicious thick pork chops to perfection and Claudia prepared several tasty sides (cucumber salad, asparagus, breaded cauliflower with cheese sauce, sauerkraut, baked beans).  Everything was scrumptious and we enjoyed every bit of it while we chatted and got to know each other better.

Jim & Claudia just picked up a new Elkridge a couple of weeks ago so we had a lot to discuss between our two new rigs.  They showed us around their new rig before dinner and showed us the different mods they’d already completed and discussed those that they still want to do.  Gotta make it your own!

We visited until 10:00 pm when several of us started yawning and decided it was time to call it a night.  We said our goodbyes and will see them again in a few weeks at the Heartland National rally in Goshen, Indiana.  Believe it or not…I didn’t get ANY pictures!

We took a good portion of one day to visit the sites of Holland.  First we stopped at De Klomp, which is just a mile or so from our campground.  De Klomp houses a Delft factory as well as a wooden shoe factory.  We loved both!


Delft pottery is famous world-wide and there is only one production facility in all of North America…and it’s right here in Holland!  We were able to watch two ladies working a molds…one that was freshly opened and being trimmed before being left to dry.

Tiny tiny artwork

All of the pottery is hand-painted onsite and we watched as two ladies did some painting.  One was working on painting a wooden shoe and the other was painting a itty bitty piece of china.   The pieces in the store are stunning…but along with stunning pieces of art came stunning price tags.

Creating a pair of wooden shoes

Also located at De Klomp is a wooden shoe factory.  We spoke with a gentleman who runs the equipment that makes the shoes on site (some come from Holland too) and he showed us how the machines worked (two shoes are made at once) and explained lots of interesting tidbits about the history of wooden shoes.  We were both fascinated.

Lots to choose from

They had some shoes on display so that you could try then on to determine your size…you know we had to try!  While the bottoms of my feet felt fine…the tops, when I walked in them….didn’t like the shoes.  Was fun, nonetheless!

A glimpse of the garden from afar

Also, in this location is Veldheer…a garden center which also has a tulip garden out back that you can view for $10.00 each.  We passed as we thought that was a bit on the pricey side.

A nice walk to the lighthouse

From there we took a ride to Lake Michigan so that we could visit the Big Red Lighthouse.  Only able to actually be accessed via a private community on Tuesdays and Thursdays, it took some doing but we finally found our way and it was worth it.  It seems most people only view it from across the waterway at Holland State Park…that wasn’t good enough for us.

Water was a bit rough…not a wonder our feet got wet!

We love lighthouses and this one was an adventure to get to so we really enjoyed it.  We walked out on the causeway and could have gone further out by the what was pretty rough and the waves were crashing up and over the causeway so we only went out part of the way…got our feet wet so we could say we did and then headed back.

Hard to see from the road…but it’s there

On our way back from the lighthouse we drove down South Shore Drive and admired the beautiful homes situated along the water.  Jim & Claudia had told us that Betsy Devos (US Secretary of Education) has a summer home along South Shore Drive and we found it.  Huge…absolutely huge!  My picture is from the backside and doesn’t do it justice….but you can look HERE to see if from the water.

View upon arriving

Our last stop of the day was at Windmill Island.  It’s home to a 250+ year old windmill, De Zwaan, which was purchased, in 1964, by the city of Holland from a retired miller in the Netherlands.

The front of the organ…but all the magic happens in the back

We were treated to the music from a working Amsterdam street organ.  Originally, it was made to play by turning a handle it now has a switch to turn it on and off.  The artwork on the front was recently repainted by a local artist and is absolutely gorgeous.

the back…

Built in 1928, the organ was a gift to the city of Holland from the city of Amsterdam in 1947.  It was a ‘thank you’ to the United States for liberating the Netherlands during World War II.

Alisa Crawford, De Swaan miller

The true highlight of the visit was being able to tour De Swaan.  De Swaan is an authentic working windmill and is the oldest in the US.  The miller at De Swaan is a woman…the only certified female miller!  She was honored to be only 1 of 36 millers as part of a Dutch Guild….the other 35 are all men.  She did her training in Holland.

What a beauty!

The tour (included in the $10 admission) takes you up 5 stories inside the windmill.  The walk up isn’t bad as you stop on each floor while the tour guide explains what each floor is used for.

The view from the 4th story balcony!

The mill only runs when the wind cooperates and the day we visited…the wind cooperated!  It was so exciting to be inside the mill as the blades of the windmill turned….speeding up as the wind picked up…slowing down as the wind receded.

We were even able to walk outside on the 4th story to view the blades as they turned.  It was SO very awesome.

Such beauty

While ‘Tulip Time’ was nearing its end there were still plenty of the gorgeous flowers in bloom during our visit.  The entire area has tulips everywhere…different colors, varieties, variations.  Definitely worth a visit.  Windmill Island has several ‘fields’ of tulips and I was able to get a nice picture of them from atop the windmill.

Tomorrow we head south…about 100 miles to Goshen, Indiana where we’ll set up at the Elkhart County Fairgrounds for over a month.  We have three rallies while we’re there (Passport America, Heartland, Open Range).  It’ll be nice to sit in one place for a while though.







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Life is Grand…at a Grand Design Rally

Saturday 5/11

We pulled out of Zack’s driveway at just about 8:00 am and pulled into the Hideaway RV park in Jackson, Michigan a few minutes after 6:00 pm.  We lost an hour with the time change, stopped at a Blue Beacon to get a spa treatment and to dump our tanks and grabbed some lunch to eat on the road.  It was a long day but actually went pretty quickly.

It rained lightly the second half of the trip and was still raining when we checked into the campground and got situated in our site.  We made quick work of setting up as we were meeting our friends Skip and Denise for dinner at Steaks Eatery.

We had a nice dinner, enjoyed visiting with Skip and Denise as well as Skip’s mom, Joan.  We’d been to Steaks a few years ago and enjoyed it then, as well.  But the highlight was catching up with Denise.  We met in our senior year of high school where we both had recently transferred.

Sunday 5/12
We visited at Denise & Skip’s house for a couple of hours.  We checked out their new camper…a North Trail…part of our Heartland family.
Being Mother’s Day, Michael took me out to dinner to my choice of place.  Bet you can’t guess what I chose.  Ok….so maybe I’m a little easy to read…yes, we had Chinese.  I chose Yen King as it had nice ratings on Yelp.  Plus it was a ‘sit down’ restaurant rather than a buffet…which is what we prefer.
The place was on the smallish side but crazy busy!  Waited about 10 minutes for a seat and about 45 minutes for our entrée.  Which wasn’t a big deal as we had soup and appetizers before our meal came.  Food was very good and our server was excellent.  There was an issue with my entrée (they ran out of bean sprouts) so I had to reorder…but my meal was tasty nonetheless.
Monday 5/13
Not much going on other than work and Denise and Skip stopped by for a few minutes after Denise got off of work.  They’d not seen our new coach and were interested to see what it was like.
Tuesday 5/14 

Site 156 Pine Ridge Campground

We had a 100 miles to travel so we didn’t pull out of the campground until 11:00 am ish.  We were headed to Birch Run, Michigan for a Grand Design rally.  Birch Run is a hop, skip and jump away from Frankenmuth, a big German-influenced town.

The rally was held at Pine Ridge RV Park in Birch Run and held the 100+ rigs nicely.  The campground is wooded and some of the roads can be a bit tight but the sites long and spacious….none of that parking right next to you neighbor or having to worry about getting both the coach and the truck parked in the site.  We’ll go back.

2ps with Randy & Debbie

Randy our Dexter rep and his wife were in Frankenmuth and took us out to dinner at Slo Bones BBQ.  We had a nice visit but got a chance to get to know Randy a little more and it was nice to meet his wife, Debbie.  Unfortunately, the BBQ wasn’t Texas BBQ…but then again…we were in Michigan.

Wednesday 5/17
Randy stopped by so that we could discuss issues with receiving product, make plans, go over future updates and to set up a couple of visit to the Indiana plants.

Christmas Wonderland

After Randy’s visit we headed into Frankenmuth to check out Bronner’s CHRISTmas Wonderland.  Another place we were told we had to visit.  The store is HUGE….one and half football fields HUGE.  They carry just about any Christmas ‘thing’ you’d want or need…Santas, Advent Calendars, stockings, nativities and just about any ornament you can think of…birds, Collegiate, kids, family, wedding, holidays, states, occupations….it goes on and on.  While we didn’t buy anything it was fun just looking.

Thursday 5/16

Michael talking with customers in the Vendor hall

The first official day of the rally.  There was a small barn set aside for vendors (8 total) inside and then about 5 set up outside.  We ‘manned’ our booth Thursday through Saturday…roughly from 10-4.  We didn’t have any extra product to sell but got several leads and did sell a couple of suspension upgrades that we shipped to the customer’s home for DIYing.

Zack running the brake line on a Grand Design Solitude

Our oldest son, Zack, was our installer at this rally.  He did a disc brake conversion on Friday and a suspension upgrade on Saturday.  He stayed with us in our coach, making one of the couches into a bed.  However, the first two nights he didn’t sleep the best due to a bar that lays across the couch.  The third day we picked up an inflatable mattress and that seemed to help.

Part of our dinner spread

One of the must do’s is to have the all you can eat chicken dinner at Zehnder’s in downtown Frankenmuth.  We had 6:00 pm reservations and the 3 of us went to check it out.  Besides the chicken dinner (dressing, mashed potatoes, noodles and a vegetable) we also received several starters (cole claw, cottage cheese, cranberry orange relish, assorted breads, preserves, cheese spread and chicken liver pate.) We were also served noodle soup to start.  And if that weren’t enough we were also served our choice of sherbet or ice cream to finish of the meal.


While the dinner was enjoyable…just me and my two oldest ‘boys’…both Zack and I found the chicken to be a bit underseasoned.  Although after dinner we found extra seasoning on the table!  Go figure.  It seemed to be just right for Michael’s tastes though.  I really enjoyed everything else though…not the pate…wasn’t going there!  Zack didn’t think he’d go back…but I think Michael and I would…or we’d try the place across the street, The Bavarian Inn, which has a similar offering.

The RV Lock

Michael and I have agreed to vend for RVLock at the Heartland rally as well as some of the other rallies we attend.  They don’t have a presence at any rallies so this should be a good partnership.  We’ve had one of their RVLocks on our coach for years and love it.  It’s a keyless entry system and works very well.

Just a few on some of the baggage doors

They also have locks for the basement (baggage) doors, as well.  And thanks to Zack, we now have them on 8 of our basement doors and still have 3 doors to outfit.  They all work with a remote or manually and are all keyed alike so that with just one button push on the remote they all unlock.  Nice.

Saturday 5/18

Was interesting watching this kid work the fudge and not let it run off the table.

We closed up shop about 2:00 pm and all headed into Frankenmuth to do a little shopping.  Zack wanted to find gifts for Kelsea, Paityn and Cameron.  We wandered around the shops and enjoyed tasting samples and viewing the European architecture of the city.  We all found goodies to enjoy later.

Crazy Big Sandwiches!

With shopping out of the way we headed to dinner at Tony’s…another spot that is a ‘must do’.  Known for their dishes made with a pound of bacon and their huge sundaes…we had to give it a try.  Who doesn’t love bacon?

We all got something different but everything had bacon.
I went with a turkey (1/2 lb bacon), Zack had the BLT (1 lb bacon) and Michael had a bacon cheeseburger (lots of bacon!).  Michael, again, was happy with his meal but Zack and I found the bacon to be overcooked (and we like crispy bacon) and not it wasn’t very flavorful.  Although, I did enjoy my sandwich it would have been much better with better bacon.
Sunday – 5/19
Zack left on Sunday.  It was wonderful having him all to ourselves for a few days and we all behaved and had no outbursts!  A rarity, unfortunately.
Michael and I lounged around most of the day…watching the Grand Design rigs pull out of the park.  By the end of the day the park was pretty well cleared out with just a few left.  But Monday afternoon there were only a handful of rigs left from the rally.
It rained off and on through out the day and was chillier than it had been so it was a good day to put a pot of spaghetti on the stove to simmer all day.  Mmmmm….my Mama’s spaghetti.
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Two Weeks With Our Loves

We pulled out of the Caddo River Access RV Park at 8:06 am and pulled into the Hinton RV Park in Sikeston, Missouri almost exactly 8 hours later.  We made about an hour stop for lunch at Kelly’s Kitchen.

Just a little rain.

About the time we were ready to head over to Lambert’s for dinner the bottom felt out and it poured.  We waited for it to slow down some before we headed out.

Still raining…

There was no wait when we got to Lambert’s so we were taken right to a table.  We enjoyed our meals, as usual, and had plenty to take home with us for future meals.

We planned to travel to Bloomington, IL and spend the night before making the final leg of our journey.  However, we had a change of plans as snow was predicted for the following day and we didn’t want to have to try backing into Zack’s driveway in a mess.  So about 1/2 an hour before hitting the road we decided to drive the entire 515 miles.

The drive actually went very smoothly.  We made minimal stops and didn’t even have lunch at Kelly’s Kitchen…instead we picked up some lunch and ate it while continuing our drive.  Lum and Abner helped to fill the time too!

Safely tucked away for 2 weeks

We arrived at Zack and Kelsea’s about 6:00 pm, got parked, had dinner that Kelsea had waiting and then visited for a while.  Dan, Amanda and their trio stopped by so we got hugs from them too.

We did, indeed, beat the snow.  It started snowing the following morning about 9:00 am and continued all day…big flakey flakes.  Probably about 4 inches or so total…but most of it melted the following day.  Whew!

PTB was crazy busy for the two weeks that we were in Wisconsin…seemed like we were always working.  But we did make sure to fit in time to see each of the grandbabies participating in the activities.

Paityn & Zoe stretching

Both Paityn and Zoe are in gymnastics so we were able to watch a couple of their practices (they’re there at the same time, which was helpful!)  They both amaze me at how well they do…and Zoe follows direction so well.

Bennie playing defense

Ben is playing soccer.  We were able to see two of his games.  He’s come a long way with listening and following direction.  He stayed on task the entire time and there was no ‘zoning out’.

Alex getting a hit!

Alex is playing baseball.  We were able to watch him play one game…sadly, his second game was rained out (better than snow!).  We really enjoyed getting to watch his game (my favorite sport).  He got a hit and played several different positions (trying things out) and even got to field the ball.

Cameron, isn’t in an activity right now…but we got to spend some one on one time with him while his sister was at gymnastics.

One morning not long after arriving I was in ‘my office’ working when there was a ‘double bump’ to the slide I was sitting in…thinking either Zack or Kelsea were being the punks that they normally are and banging on the slides, I yelled ‘Knock it off!’ and waited for someone to come inside….and I waited…and waited…no one ever came in.

The Walking Dead….starring Zack!

Then I heard some moaning going on outside.  I got up and went to the door to find Zack lying on the ground, hold his head and moaning.  I told him to ‘knock it off, as that wasn’t funny’.  But then I looked a bit more and saw that his phone was lying on the ground and his shoes were off.  I yelled for Michael to come (I was still in my pjs).

To make a long story short.  Zack had been looking at his phone while walking and walked into the corner of one of our living room slides.  He actually hit twice…once on the top of his head and then right above his right eye where he received a cut.  He had a nice scuff mark on the top of his head as well as quite a goose egg.

Kelsea took him to the clinic where they put some steri-strips on his cut and sent him home.  He had actually knocked himself out for a short while (that’s why it was so quiet after the initial ‘bump’ that I felt) and quite a headache for a couple of days.

These goofs love spending time together

We all got together a couple of different times.  Dan and Amanda had us all over for grilled steaks and games.  It was a nice day so the kids all played outside on the swing set for a while and then later settled down inside to watch movies.

Go Brewers Go!

We all drove to Milwaukee to take in a Brewers game on Cinco de Mayo.  The roof was open and the sun was hot and our seats had no shade.  The rest of the crew braved the sun but Michael and I moved a few rows back to sit in the shade.

Turned out to be a good, close game with the Brewers pulling out the win with a score of 3-2.  We always enjoy a good Brewers game and hoping we can get to another one this summer.

While we didn’t spend Mother’s Day with the boys, I was given wonderful gifts by both.

What a beauty!

We don’t use our propane stove/oven so I wanted a cover to go on top of the stove top to set my induction cook tops on and to keep the stove top clean.  Zack built a cover out of various woods that goes right over the top and it’s awesome!

No pictures of us…but here’s the cream brule! LOL

And Dan took me…just me…out for dinner to Johnnie’s Italian Steakhouse.  It was SO nice to have time alone with my baby.  We enjoyed a delicious dinner and chatted about whatever we felt like….very little PTB…gotta get away from that every now and again!  We even got dessert!  Creme Brule for me!

I’ve been so blessed throughout my life and couldn’t ask for anything more.

Before we knew it, it was time to hitch up and move on down the road toward Michigan where we’ll be attending the Michigan Grand Design rally in Birch Run.

Delicious brisket!

But…we had one last get together.  This time at Zack and Kelsea’s for a smoked brisket dinner.  Macaroni & Cheese, Italian pasta salad, creamed corn, green beans & corn bread rounded out the meal.  And for dessert?  Unicorn cupcakes!  Delish.

Girls enjoying a little wine…

Once again, while the babies played outside and then watched a movie the adults played cards…this time it was Canasta…Michael and I partnered and sucked.  LOL…but, there were no arguments, only laughter and that made it all worthwhile!









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